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5:37 AM. It's now light as TK and Rachel rip their clue and head for a cab. In an interview, TK tells us how last leg, they were by themselves the whole time, and that factor added tension. I'd imagine, although if you want to catch those teams ahead of you and still completely avoid tension, I'd suggest investing in earplugs. TK and Rachel get a six o'clock bus.

7:06 AM (yikes). Nick and Don. Nick pronounces Ancona as "An-KAHN-ah," and then in an interview, he tells us it's "rough" that they're in last, while Don wears a look on his face that's like, "I am too old to respond to bullshit producer-mandated questions such as this. Yes, last place sucks! Duh!" Or maybe his pit-stop mattress wasn't soft enough. In the cab, Don VOs that "we'll have to hope that we bunch up someplace." Ding ding ding! Nice one, Don! Now say "God is in the tub!"

God, Croatia is really effing beautiful. Anyway, we skip right ahead to Nick and Don getting off the bus. When they purchase tickets, they find out that some other teams will be on their ferry as well, which is unnecessary information, as two seconds later, we learn everyone's on (in?) the same boat. On board, Kynt touches up his makeup as Vyxsin tells him, "This is the time to get serious." Well, obviously. That's why he's going heavy on the black eyeliner. Vyxsin interviews that they're trying to get themselves calm and focused, because right now, "everyone's playing cards and being good friends," but it's going to be an intense leg. I should mention that the people we see playing cards and having some fun and actually decompressing are Nate, Jen, Nick, TK, and Rachel. Maybe Kynt and Vyxsin were in there at some point too, but maybe they think cards are for sheep. If so, Goths: Baaaaa.

At 9:40 PM, the ferry arrives at Ancona. A bunch of teams run right past the clues, which are mounted on a little traffic barricade. Sometime I hope they do a "The Making Of..." special about this show, because I so want to see a couple of cameramen in this situation exchange little "That shit NEVER gets old" side-eyes. Rachel is the only one to spy the clue, but in retrieving it, she and TK accidentally pick up the barrier, which makes enough noise to tip off the rest of the teams one by one. Actually, Nick had caught them in the act already, and I'm sure it wouldn't have made a difference, but that was still a little unstealthy. Anyway, the clue tells them to drive themselves to the town of Empoli, and once there, to find Campo di volo (that's an airfield -- thanks, Signora Spina!) Silvano Poli in Comune di Cortenuova. You can also see a note that they've been given a Blackberry for some unknown purpose. Well, other than product placement. Phil VOs that the teams must drive themselves deep into Tuscany to an airfield in Empoli, where they'll find their next clue. He doesn't add that they'll also have to avoid the temptation of blowing off the race and going wine tasting for a month, but I'd think that would be a real concern. Also, they've each got a Blackberry, and at some point along the drive, they'll be receiving a message, but they can't attempt to use the thing for anything else. Having been in the Cult of Crackberry for over a year now, I will say that that's a crying shame. We next learn that the cars they're being given are stick shift, which you'd guess is the harbinger of another performance of "Learning to drive stick before you go on TAR is like learning to build a fire before you go on Survivor, IDIOTS" theater. On the plus side, when Nate sees it's a stick, he exclaims, "Holy schnikies!" I never realized how much I approve of that expression. Inside, Jen intones, "Okay, Nate. Here's your chance." I'm not going to say anything, not knowing the context, but I will point out that they just happen to be currently in first place. In second are Nick and Don, and TK decides to follow them for the time being.

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