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...and it's Phil time. The bugle sounds...for TK and Rachel! Man, that is an impressive non-non-elimination. Phil is giving his best grim face, though, and TK and Rachel look extremely worried until Phil tells them they're fourth. Phil adds, "You're still in the race," and if the implication is that coming in fifth means you're not, that' They're both kind of overwhelmed at first, as you might expect, but TK proclaims not being last "an incredible relief." Phil kind of just stares stonily at them, and this may be sacrilegious, but that seems a little ungenerous, even if they both really need a shower. I mean, they did the crane!

Kynt and Vyxsin. She's still leading him by the hand (which, if you look at it, she's kind of doing even in that graveyard credits shot, and what is up with that?) and he really looks like grim death as Phil tells them they're last. However! This is one of two non-elimination legs. They smile big, which is nice, because it's pretty clear they thought it was over. And I haven't been reading up on the show this season, so I didn't know that there were supposedly not going to be any non-elims. If I had, I would have been slightly annoyed, although when you're dealing with CBS there's always a "shame on me" factor. Phil tells them there is bad news, and when we cut back to them, it's pretty clearly a shot we just saw from before they knew they weren't eliminated. I'd give that a "boo" if it didn't come off kind of hilarious in execution. Back to Phil, who tells them that sometime next leg, they're going to encounter a new twist in the race called a Speed Bump, which is a task that only they will have to complete while the other teams keep racing. They won't know when it's coming, and they may have a lot of catch-up to do. That's an awesome change, and as I understand, something that people have been lobbying for on the boards for a while. Of course, the task could turn out to be panhandling, but hopefully they wouldn't do that to us. Vyxsin gets a little teary as she talks about what a hard day it was, and for fucking real, right? She VOs that this was one of those rare days where she and Kynt weren't in sync, and it was a bickering, not-cute meltdown. I'm glad she acknowledges that, because while they don't seem all that couply, they do seem normally to get along, and I would have found it unsettling if they'd denied that this was a Bad Day. With Kynt now next to her, Vyxsin likens the Speed Bump to a "three-headed serpent," and I think she's mixing her myths there, but Kynt says they'll give it everything they can. And really, she seems nice and he's not awful or anything, but there was a time I would have been really happy to see them win, and that is in the past.

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