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Kynt suggests to Vyxsin that they "start interviewing" people about how to get to the birthplace, which is just a weird, off-putting choice of words, and interestingly fits in perfectly with Chris's comment about everything being a performance. The more I look at him, the less I'm seeing, to be perfectly honest. Meanwhile, TK lands, and Rachel gives him a "Yaaaay!" Aw. You'd like to think you could be that generous in her situation, but I don't think it's so easy. It's not like he was so terrible about the clue thing, but she's certainly making even that look bad by comparison. TK hopes that they don't get eliminated.

Nate and Jen are second, and there are only high-fives and hugs, not recriminations, which is refreshing. Maybe they heard about the tattoos.

Chris is playing Jen to Ron's Nate as she gives her dad some instruction. They biff their first attempt, seemingly mostly because Ron tosses his flag almost all the way back to Dubrovnik. Kynt and Vyxsin get directions, and Kynt crows that they're not in last place anymore, but we see that TK and Rachel are on their way as well. Kynt's driving at this point, just for the record. Ron and Chris succeed on their next attempt, and amid a chorus of grazies, they head out. Tell me you didn't hear a prego in there, Ron. As they run to the car, Chris tells Ron that they have to go to Florence, which they know is close. She fails to clarify that they should wait to go there until they're both in the car, so I suppose it's just as much her fault when he starts to take off while she's still standing by the car with the back door open. Of course, the way it's filmed, their camera guy is outside the car as well, so I can't imagine Ron was really about to drive off, but then again, it's Ron, and he doesn't have time for farting around. Kynt and Vyxsin get their clue (by driving to it, so that question is answered) and they initially pick Invention, which, as I said, is right there. TK and Rachel, however, get directions and end up jogging up the hill, so that's three of four teams that apparently were led to believe that the place wasn't accessible by car. So very odd. Speaking of which, Vyxsin is weirdly leading Kynt around by the hand like he's suddenly physically challenged in some way, and claims that they can do the task as the two of them get to the crane. However, when Kynt reads that "you must use all the provided parts," the two of them turn tail and run away faster than you can say "Bald Snark." Vyxsin thinks that they're not thinking clearly today, although whether that's an explanation of why they're not attempting this task or a slam on their judgment for picking it in the first place is up to you to call. They drive back in the Tradition direction, passing TK and Rachel on the way. TK seethes that they could have driven right to the box, and where's Ron's "Duh duh duh duh duh" when you really need it? TK vows that they'll catch the Goths. Vyxsin is nervous, and then TK talks Rachel into doing Invention. Now, something weird happens -- Kynt and Vyxsin get into town, but they don't see flags, so Kynt tells Vyxsin to park, presumably thinking that it can't be far on foot to the Detour, which seems like sound reasoning. However, Vyxsin heads down a very narrow street instead of pulling over, and explains that she's going to turn around. When Kynt opines that she can't turn around (as a matter of physics, it is implied), she speeds up the car, and he yells at her to stop (which we saw in the previews). When she refuses, he says that she's "not capable" and that he's going to jump out. It's just...such an odd meltdown, proving, I guess, that Killer Fatigue comes in all shapes, sizes, and especially colors.

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