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Ron and Christina reach the clue box and pick Tradition. They then pass a sign that says the Invention location is basically right there, while Tradition is two miles away. Miles? What country do you think this is? And they seem to be walking to the flags, so...did they just see Nate and Jen's car parked and assume they had to walk as well? In pacing this show as well as they do, they sure leave a question or two unanswered here and there. Meanwhile, under Jen's tutelage, Nate has gotten the hang of the flags, and although Jen has to back up quickly to catch his toss, it's a...literal drum roll...SI! Nate and Jen hug, and as they happily run for their car, Jen interviews that she was really impressed that Nate actually listened to her, and it made her feel good that they worked together as a team. I wasn't going to do this, bed. Seriously, it's easy to say that she's happy because she got to be superior, but it's not always easy to be superior gracefully. I mean, I don't want to base things on one episode, particularly not one where things went well for them and where there were no donkeys or rowboats, and I still doubt they're going to, or even should, make it work, but if they can keep interacting with this level of civility, it would certainly make watching them a lot more pleasant, not to mention making it remotely possible at least to like them individually. I mean, I still find him more tolerable than her, but hopefully, there' hope. In the car, Nate says they have to go to Florence. Ron and Chris get back to their car and are chagrined to see that Nate and Jen are gone, which means they did in fact hike up to the da Vinci birthplace. And they seem to be right at the Detour, which suggests they just parked there because they saw Nate and Jen's car. God, am I still talking about this? Ron and Chris receive instruction, and Ron tells his guy, "This muscle is not cooperating." From the way he shakes his head, the Lead Flag Man is not amused. Rachel is sitting in the grass, and I'm not sure TK can see her, but if he can, I'm sure he appreciates this more than her pacing or having some sort of visually obvious freak-out. I mean, she said she was worried, but we haven't seen any kind of aggression, blame, or even a snide remark to the camera. I think that's worthy of mention, given that this is the fourth time he's gone up. (Sorry, TK, but it's my job.) Anyway, Rachel's patience is rewarded, I suppose, as TK finally spies the clue and is psyched.

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