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Nick and Don see the place at which they're apparently supposed to park, and then they reach the pit stop, and the greeter jauntily heralds their approach by playing a bugle for them. Nick has his arm around Don, and when Phil tells them they've won the leg, Don drops to the ground and yells in delight. Aw. They win a five-night trip to some resort in Cancun, along with a private tour of "the ancient Chichen Itza Maya ruins." Wow, that sounds pretty fricking cool. And their arms will be ready for the sun again by then. Don interviews that at this point, he's fully wrapped up in the race. Fucking Finally, dude. He thinks they can win, and really, why not?

Nate and Jen make it to the Tradition Detour, although it's not clear at this point if they've picked up their car. When they see what's involved, Jen instructs Nate to watch what they're doing closely, with the flag-twirling and -tossing and such. Jen seems to have a handle on the entire routine before the instruction even officially begins, and then when she and Nate stand in front of the teacher, she has no trouble copying the hand-over-hand twirling, despite the fact that that flag is bigger than she is. Nate interviews that Jen is only five-two, but she's a tremendous competitor. In relationships as well as flag-twirling, it would seem, but that's a story for another episode. Miss Alli has in the past eloquently explained the difference between "being competitive" and "having a pathological need to win," so I won't bother, but...yeah. Nate, who's having trouble, half-affectionately and half-jealously is like, "Jen, you bastard," in reaction to how well she's doing with it. Jen also picks up the tossing part, but Nate doesn't manage to catch his flag. From the music and the look on the teacher's face, you'd think he impaled someone, and if that happened on an unseen take, producing this show is even more of a headache than I suspected. Ron and Chris pull behind Nate's car and then...get out and take off for the clue box? Could you not drive there after all? I don't understand. At the airfield, TK and Vyxsin are coming in for a landing, and Rachel tells Kynt that she's really afraid. I'm not saying Kynt should really sympathize, given that it's likely down to these two teams, but given all his talk about how he and Vyxsin and TK and Rachel share a common bond, you'd think he'd try to come up with a facial expression that's not quite exactly "Like I give a shit." TK doesn't drag it out by shrugging in Rachel's direction, and when he's on the ground, he talks about how heartbreaking this is. It's hard to know if this was practical, but if he were keeping a clear head and not psyching himself out, you'd think he might have noted where Nate and Christina went and headed in that direction. TK goes on that he doesn't know what to do, and Rachel stays silent, probably the best she can do, here. It turns out Vyxsin got the clue, and the Goths quickly take off as TK intones that he thinks they're done. If he'd known that they weren't going to use that line to jump into an act break, he really would have been worried. Back at the flags, Jen is calmly instructing Nate, calling out the count and watching what he's doing closely enough to be able to correct his mistakes. They fail in their first attempt, and she notes, "We're not together." Nate abashedly apologizes, which ruins the whole metaphor.

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