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On the ground, Ron and Chris arrive, followed very closely by Nick and Don, and Chris immediately says they're not taking the FF, which...there are reasons on both sides, but I have to say I'm not clear on the summary dismissal here. To be honest, the teams' seemingly disproportionately adverse reaction to the idea of doing the Fast Forward makes me wonder if they were warned in advance that it might not be for everyone (even though there's no such warning on Nick and Don's clue, which we see). I mean, I don't think the show gave it away, but they might have told the teams that it was something they all might really have a problem doing. That would jibe with the idea of going for it as "risky," even for all the teams that appeared to have an easy shot at it. Then again, considering how hard it was to find a salon, maybe it's just simple fear of not being able to track the place down. Anyway, the Roadblock clue reads, "Who's feeling 'ultra' light of heart?" Christina takes it, and then goes to grab a number. Nick and Don, though, after a brief confab, decide to go for the Fast Forward, to Jen's chagrin. She's more upset that she and Nate didn't use it to win the leg rather than being worried that it was the best overall strategic decision, but in this particular case there's really not much difference between the two. In the car, Nick talks about having to "take a risk," which again makes me think they were told something, and Don, who seemed a little indecisive about it at first, says he's with Nick all the way. There's no Gong Of Are You Sure About That, Old Man? Which is ever-so-slightly disappointing.

Ron and Christina are having trouble finding the numbers, causing Christina to haltingly ask if maybe they should do the Fast Forward. That would be insane at this point, of course, since Nick and Don have a head start and they're still ahead of Kynt and Vyxsin, but at the same time, his freaking out at her over the question is a bit much. Rachel, within earshot, remarks to Jen that she hadn't heard Ron yell at Christina before, which makes me wonder when she had time to stop and buy Q-Tips. Ron barks about how Chris is "farting around," and Rachel tells Jen that she has no "forgiveness and respect" for the way Ron talks to Christina. Given that she's telling this to Jen, the implication is that she thinks the way Ron talks to Christina is far worse than the way Nate and Jen talk to each other, and if anything is going to make Ron change, that revelation has as good a shot as any. Ron thinks that getting the number is going to be "just a simple thing just like pulling a tag," and the camera guy is really angling for a nice Christmas bonus as he gets a close-up of the stand with the little tags that Ron and Christina have just missed. Hee. Meanwhile, Vyxsin is starting to melt down, as in a high, pinched voice, she's saying that it's been thirty hours since she slept (she...didn't sleep during the twelve-hour ferry ride? Whose fault is that?). Kynt takes over the driving, and he now has a map in hand as Vyxsin stays teary in the back seat. Ron finally spies the numbers, and as Chris grabs one, he yells, "Duh! Duh duh duh duh duh!" He's...not directing that solely at her, is he?

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