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Miss Alli is taking a well-deserved little break after almost being put into a coma by the last few episodes of Survivor, so after eleven and a half seasons, Phil, you are mine. At this rate, I'll be subbing in again somewhere around the twenty-third season finale. I can't wait for that one!

So last time, you'll remember, the "no paying for business class" rule reared its ugly head, and everyone (well, at least everyone who thought a non-elim was due, which included me) was doubly surprised that Azaria and Hendekea were bounced. So this time, it's got to be a non-elim, right? I mean, on top of everything else, it's Christmas! And just to tie everything together, one of the nicest Christmas gifts I got was not having to repeatedly type, "Azaria and Hendekea." Sorry, kids, but your loss is my Carpal Tunnel's...loss. Onward!

Oh, we're also reminded that Ron and Christina's relationship "continued to flourish" while Nate and Jen's "completely disintegrated." It's beginning to look a lot like irony!

I can't get over how Kynt and Vyxsin are holding hands and practically skipping through the graveyard. In daylight. "We’re Goths! Yaaaaaaaaay!"

With the usual dramatic musical flourish, Phil reminds us that we're at the Stone Cross Overlook in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and that this "towering icon" was the sixth pit stop in the race. Phil wonders whether the Ron/Christina and Nate/Jen trends we've seen lately will continue...

...and it's time to find out, as at 2:19 AM, Ron and Chris rip their clue, which Chris tells us orders them to go to Ancona, Italy. Phil VOs that the teams must travel by bus to the port city of Split, from which they'll take a ferry across the Adriatic Sea to Ancona, "where their next clue awaits." I'm not sure it's a good idea to anthropomorphize the clues, mostly because it makes me feel sorry for them. I mean, how bitter would you be if, say, Danny and Oswald passed you up and you ended up in Wil's grubby hands? Chris reiterates the bit about traveling by bus, just to get the speculation going about if anyone's going to be dumb enough to take a taxi. At least Nate and Jen are safe from that one. Ron and Chris get a taxi to the bus depot. In an interview, Christina talks about how, with the competition heating up, it's "key" that their relationship remain "cohesive and strong." Ron's silence suggests that she plied him with a few "I love you, Daddy"s before the camera started rolling. Seriously, have you ever seen anyone clam up the way he does when those words are spoken? She's genius for having figured out the most effective way to shut him up, and the only thing I could want further is "I love you, Ron" buttons in the TARcon goodie bags. In the cab, Ron says he doesn't speak any Italian, and thinks "prego" means "please." Not exactly, but I won't belabor the point. Prego, Ron.

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