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Sawing logs, indeed

Commercials. Oh, Walt Disney World. Indeed, you are the world's greatest synthetic mouse-related entertainment complex and cheerfulness indoctrination facility.

When we return to the Weavers, we see their initial dismayed reaction to the clue again. But the next thing you see is all of them running for the speedway, and while there's a bit of "I don't want to go there" going on, there's also Mama saying, "We can do it." It's nice that they protected us from plot points like how they got from "No" to "We can do it!" Because I don't like it when they provide me with too much exposition about, like, what happened and why people did stuff. As they walk, Mama tells them, "You guys, I want to tell you something. Your daddy liked racing. Just let it go. You're above all this." It's so rare that "you're above all this" is an acceptable thing to say to your kids, but I think she means "above" in more of a "numbness" sense than in an actual sense of superiority.

The Schroeders, meanwhile, are bearing the cross known as Mark, who wants to stop pedaling long enough to adjust the seats. No one else on the team wants to stop, but he insists. Because he's the leeeeader. The Linzes complete their lap and get their "Southern Colonel" clue. They high-five the pinks as they're leaving and the pinks are arriving. The Schroeders then finish their lap and get going. The Weavers continue pedaling, along with the gabble-gabbling pinks. The Gaghans get the speedway clue. As the Weavers finish up, Mama reports that she saw the visit as "a victory" for her family, because they're leaving behind all their sadness and so forth. Frankly, I don't much care for her, but I think she handled that as well as she probably could have, in what had to be pretty difficult circumstances. They take off, making the same mistake as a lot of other teams by referring to the "southern Colonial."

The Gaghans discover that Carissa's legs are not long enough to reach the pedals. Whoops.

Here come the Paolos. I'm sort of hoping that when they get to the party bikes, they'll discover a hidden feature that doesn't allow the bike to move forward while people are bitching.

On the Gaghan bike, Carissa says, "I wish I had longer legs." "We wish you had longer legs, too!" her mom agrees, not unkindly. They finish, and as they run off with their clue, Tammy comments, "Ooh, now my legs are sore." "My legs are not that sore," Carissa puts in, which...hee. She's so gloriously nine years old in this lovely way. ["I kind of wanted Billy to flick her in the head right there." -- Sars] They notice as they approach the car that there's some lightning coming, so they'd like to get going as quickly as possible. The Paolos are last to start, but they do get going on the bike at last. I don't know if I'd be out riding around on a metal bike with no protection at all when there was that much lightning going around.

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