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Sawing logs, indeed

3:53 PM. Gaghans. Bill voices over as they run to their car that it's hard for him to imagine what the race must look like to his kids. Carissa's pre-race interview makes a return as she calmly explains that other teams underestimate her because of her small stature, but she says she's "smart," she's "funny," and she "can keep the team going." That had the distinct feel, to me, of an interview question about what she could bring to the team, and it's cute that she brought out her motivational qualities. It's not like she doesn't know she's little, y'all. They trot, nearly catching up to the Paolos as both teams get to the SUV fleet. As the Paolos pull out in their car, Mama smacks Brian on the back of the neck with the clue. You know, just kind of because. "You just gave me a PAPER CUT!" he hollers, building rather hilariously from the first word to the last two. It seems a little sudden for him to know for sure that he's cut in a place he can't even see, but whatever. "No, I didn't," Mama says, but when he comes back with, "Yeah, you did!", she says, "Sorry." They, too, head for 65 South. The Gaghans, on the other hand, are taking the state roads, getting onto 431. "Are we going faster?" Carissa wonders, displaying her usual desire to understand everything they're doing. "Well," her father explains, "they might be going faster, but they're going a lot longer than we are." You tell 'em, Daddy-O.

Wally and the Tonyas have made it to Anniston. One of the girls climbs up and grabs the clue, which sends the teams 18 miles to Talladega, to the Motor Sports Hall of Fame. In the car, Wally mentions that Talladega has a big stock-car racing thing. "Ooh, that wouldn't be good for the Florida team…" Wally somewhat ruefully agrees. I find it really odd, this late in the race, that there are so many teams not using each other's names. "The Florida team." "The Louisiana team." "The rugrats." Cute nicknames like "Cha-Cha-Cha" and "Itchy and Scratchy" were one thing, but it's weird to have so many of them acting like they haven't even spoken to each other.

Speaking of whom, here are the Weavers, passing a sign for Talladega. "What if they do make us go to Talladega?" Rebecca asks, unnerved. "We're going to pass by it," Rachel says. Mama voices over that their dad was killed at a racetrack, though not at Talladega. One of the girls picks up, saying that they don't look at anything with racing or go to any tracks. "We'll play it by ear," Mama tells the girls in the car.

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