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Sawing logs, indeed

1:44 PM. Godlewskis. We learn three things from their opening segment and from Tricia's little interview. First, Sharon (the frequent driver) and Christine (the frequent navigator) have a tendency to "clash." Second, they, too, are taking 65 South. And third, Tricia thinks "likewise" means "vice-versa."

3:34 PM. Weavers. There is a rapid-fire prayer in the car, in which they ask for a safe trip, which is fine, but then it ends with something about helping them "catch up to the other teams, if it's Your will." Those are the ones I think are kind of distasteful. Praying for an advantage in a game, but then being like, "But only if You want to…" I don't even understand that. If it's God's will, then you don't have to ask, right? Because if it's God's will for you to catch up, then you'll catch up, if you believe God takes a hand in adjusting reality-show contestants' positions relative to each other, which I kind of don't. Keeping you safe? Of course. Helping you cope with stress? Of course. It's the praying for a competitive advantage that I think is a little tacky. How do you presume to ask God to choose sides between you and another family? What would be the basis for that side-taking? Your...righteousness? The fact that you asked?

Anyway, Mama talks again about how the death of her husband was traumatic, and how she dug down and found strength, blah blah blah Waffle-House-epiphany-cakes.

Meanwhile, Stassi is explaining how her family doesn't like the Weavers. Hunter calls them "white trash" (an expression I incidentally absolutely despise, because although I know it's not meant this way, it always sounds to me like it distinguishes "white trash" from the people you would somehow expect to be trash). Stassi calls Mama Weaver the "wicked witch," and Char explains that at first, they felt really bad for the Weavers that they lost their dad. "And then we found out that they were...eeeeevil." Stassi claims that the Weavers act like they're trying to be your friend, but then they actually "try and kill you." There's got to be a piece missing here, because this just doesn't make any sense. It's clear that they're angry at the Weavers for something, and we neither saw it nor had it explained to us, which makes this all a little bit hard to follow. If you want to use the team-on-team bitterness angle, you've got to provide a tiny bit of context, because as things stand, I'm just confused.

3:50 PM. Paolos. They're all carrying white drawstring bags today in addition to their backpacks, so...maybe that's the stuff they're stashing in the car? Things sure have changed around here, kids. As you would predict, there is DJ/Mama squabbling on the way to the car. Young Brian, in an interview, puts his finger right on it when he says, "DJ and my mom fight so much because they're the same exact person." He does insist that DJ and Mama love each other. It's nice that he at least has that impression.

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