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Sawing logs, indeed

The Schroeders run up to the mat, and I, personally, was completely expecting a non-elim at this point. But..."I'm sorry to tell you, you have been eliminated from the race." Char immediately starts bawling, which is great, because it means that the focus is entirely on her when it might be nice to save a little something for, you know, the kids. They all hug and so forth, and Phil asks them what happened today. Mark says it was all a matter of not being able to find the park. Stassi interviews that if her dad had listened to her, it would have helped. Mark says he blames himself for every mistake because he was "the team leader."

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: DJ Paolo is afraid of heights. But we're not in the United States anymore, people. Also: a baseball Roadblock looms. Carissa might need that catcher's mask back.

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