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Sawing logs, indeed

In any event, the Gaghans are starting on the sawing, and I think they made a very good decision here, in that Bill and Tammy are on one saw -- called "the one doing all the work" -- and the kids are on the other one. I think they felt that one parent and one kid would never get anything done, and they were better off just sidelining the kids based on the nature of the task. Rather endearingly, they've outfitted Carissa with a big old catcher's mask, since the saw handle starts up at nose-level for her, so when Billy says to her, "1, 2, 3, pull!", she immediately yanks on the saw and bonk herself in the mask with the handle. "Okay, that wasn't good," she says. Hee hee.

As the Weavers are leaving, they see the Schroeders arriving, and they are just as thrilled as the Schroeders would be if the situation was reversed. Not sure where all this animosity came from, really, but it certainly goes both ways. The Schroeders finally find the park, and they go off to start cutting. Bill and Tammy finish their second cut as Mark starts bitching that Play might be easier. As a result, they wind up bailing out on the sawing. Bill and Tammy keep sawing as the Schroeders are out on the boat. And the Schroeders finally get a win when -- guess what? -- their dealer busts. Gaghans keep sawing. their dealer bust again, for their second win. Gaghans finish cutting and high-five each other. In the car, Bill and Tammy agree that they did a good job. The other thing I like about them, I think, is that they spend a lot of time praising and caring for their kids, but they also pretty clearly have a separate and really positive relationship with each other that isn't always eclipsed by talking to and about their children. I like the way they get excited in a way that's pretty much shared between the two of them when they finish one of those tasks where they have to kind of do it without the kids; they include the kids when that's appropriate, but really function like a couple when that's appropriate. I think they're pleasantly hot for each other, is partly what I'm saying, although I'm trying to be kind of delicate about it.

The Schroeders get their dealer to bust for the third time, so now they can go. I'm not at all convinced that that was faster for them, so I'm not sure that's not about the third time in this episode that Mark has hosed the rest of them, but...there you go. As they run off the boat, of course, they're all excited, because they know right where they're going in New Orleans.

Weaver car. "What is it?" one of the girls asks as they drive across the bridge. "Lake Pontchartrain," says Mama Weaver. "It's one of the five Great Lakes." Now, I'll tell you. It says in the TWoP employee handbook that you will learn in time which groups of people it is not worth it to make fun of, because your inbox will be full for the next month and a half. In my experience, this list includes, but is not limited to, people who favor alternative medicine, James Dobson followers, polyamorists, and home-schoolers. Nevertheless? Come on, lady. The Great Lakes? Are in Louisiana? What state is Washington, D.C. in? Is Pennsylvania a state? I certainly hope someone else within the "home" is in charge of geography.

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