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Sawing logs, indeed

The Gaghans arrive at the blackjack table and immediately begin losing. The Paolos get their third slice. The Linzes are now sawing, and they get their first one. The Paolos, interestingly, are the first to complete the Detour. Phil explains that they now have to drive across "the world's longest bridge," which goes across Lake Pontchartrain, to New Orleans. There, they'll park on Esplanade Avenue and then run through the French Quarter to Preservation Hall. That will be the pit stop. Last team there "may" be eliminated.

The Bransens manage to get their dealer to bust for their third win. So they are finally done. The Bransens tell the Gaghans to be patient, but unhappiness is settling in. The Weavers finally arrive, and they choose Play. The Linzes, meanwhile, slice their last slice and get going. The pinks, too, finish the sawing.

Out on the boat, the Gaghans keep losing, but the Weavers' dealer immediately busts. They then get another win, making Bill and Tammy quite miserable.

Commercials. Man, I'm not ready for commercials with snow in them yet.

When we come back to the boat, the Gaghans have had it with blackjack, and they're beginning to think they're not going to make it, so they bail.

Elsewhere, the Paolos, Bransens, and Linzes are on their way over the bridge. In the Gadzookski car, an argument is breaking out over whether to take their backpacks with them when they get out in the French Quarter. Christine insists she's taking hers, but the others are making the point that this will slow her down, and it looks like there might be a substantial amount of running involved. This causes Christine to...break down sobbing. Guh? The best part is that in the interview in which Christine explains that crying is sometimes a release for her, she is...still crying. Not tearing up, either. She's boo-hooing and everything. And crying as a release would be okay, except that she turns to her sisters and nearly spits, "Thanks for making me cry, you guys, I hope you feel good." See, if you know you're a person who cries as a form of release, you kind of can't blame everybody else when you find yourself doing it. Michelle is having none of it. "Oh, you did it to yourself," she says. "I DO NOT WANT TO BE CRYING AT THE MAT CAN YOU LET ME PULL MYSELF TOGETHER," Christine burbles, and...that would get old on a car trip really, really quickly.

The Weavers' dealer busts to give them their third win. See, this is why I hated this Detour. It makes it look like you're playing blackjack, but because of the absurd thing where you all have to beat the dealer at the same time, the only way to win, realistically, is for the dealer to bust. So if you don't know anything and you play way too conservatively and the dealer busts, you can win. But if you play the way you "should" play, which I think is what Bill was doing for the most part, you lose and lose and lose, because the likelihood that all four of your hands will win at the same time is very tiny. If you're going to have a blackjack Detour option, I'd prefer it were set up so that the right way to play it is the same as the right way to play blackjack, rather than being set up in this phony way so that, again, luck begins to look like the order of the day, since the Weavers are essentially benefiting here from having no idea what they're doing. I hate it when the entire thing comes down to your ability to recognize the stupidity of the task.

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