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Sawing logs, indeed

In the Gadzookski car, Michelle is saying -- literally through clenched teeth -- that Christine is being too slow in giving directions off the map. After getting Sharon pointed in the right direction, Christine wants to high-five everyone, which...they're not exactly in the mood for, and then she cheerily says she wants some "validation." Asking for validation, of course, is always cuter when you're not actually seeking validation, which she is. Her sisters validate her grudgingly, and grudging validation you have to beg for is, of course, the most gratifying validation of all.

For some reason, Papa Schroeder tells Char not to get on I-55 South, saying, "We don't want to go that low." Which they do. Not at all clear to me what the story is there.

Up ahead with the Bransen/Linz group, both teams find the next clue box at the state park, and it's a Detour. The choices are Work, in which you use two-person saws to cut four slices off a log that's 12 inches across, or Play, in which you have to win three hands of blackjack out on a riverboat. Now, the complications are: (1) Either way, you have to wear stupid "period" clothing. (2) For the riverboat, you have to row yourself out there and row yourself back. (3) To win a hand of blackjack, all four of your team members have to beat the dealer without any of your team members busting, or the dealer has to bust. Both the Linzes and the Bransens decide to do the Play option, so they put on silly-looking riverboat costumes. It appears that the producers' version of "period costumes" for riverboat gambling has a lot to do with feathers.

The Schroeders realize that they did need 55 South after all. Whoops. They're feeling a little silly, because the park is a half-hour from their house. Apparently, they are unaware that nobody ever does well in their hometown.

The Bransens arrive at the riverboat. The Linzes are paddling. The Paolos get to the Detour, and they choose to Work. This means that they have to put on silly-looking lumberjack outfits, with the plaid and so forth. The pinks read the Detour clue, and Sharon says, "Twelve-inch diameter? Can't be that big, girls." And she holds her hands about six inches apart. Well-trained by her husband, that one. The Paolos rapidly drop their first slice off the log.

Back on the riverboat, there's just a lot of losing going on, until the Bransens get their dealer to bust.

Weavers looking for the state park. When the Gaghans get there, they decide to take Play. I think when two of your team members are 12 and under, it's got to be tempting not to take what look to be the Brawn versions of the Detours. At the same time, the Linzes are deciding that Play is for the birds, because it appears to be luck and they can't win. I do like the fact that as the Gaghans head toward the riverboat, Carissa has chosen a hot-pink boa. The Paolos get their second slice off the log.

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