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Our show begins this week with a sympathy disclaimer of the same type used when the Sri Lanka episode aired after the tsunami. This one explains that this episode was filmed "several weeks" before Hurricane Katrina struck parts of Mississippi and Louisiana. The show this week is "dedicated" to the memory of people who died, and people who are coping. It's a lovely gesture that kind of makes you wish it were a better episode.

Previously on I Got Buttered At Waffle House: Airport "intrigue" barely worthy of a prank-playing segment on an episode of Trading Spaces: Family kicked off a soporific leg that featured splattering mud, delicious waffles, and a guy making out with seafood. People, it's not always a pretty job. A mystery bus ride led to a Roadblock that charged two members of each team with the challenging task of being strapped down and affected by the laws of physics. And at the pit stop, the Aiellos were eliminated, because the world is really hostile that way. On the up side, the Bransens did win free gas for life, along with a 56-page glossary defining "free," "gas," and "life." It's remarkable how lifeless Phil sounds during these particular previouslies. He keeps sounding like he's going to say, "…and I'm really very sorry."

Credits. Can I ask what's with the incongruous monkey in the credits? It's like: Paolos doing their scary head-turn by a garbage truck. Horses running. Purple mountains' majesty. Black family doing Tae Kwan Do. "Hyah!" Black family smiling warmly by a river. A plane making a showy dipping maneuver over this land, which is made for you and me. Wally and the Tonyas grinning as they take in suburbia from the comfort of their bikes. Wally and the Tonyas radiating warm togetherness in front of a typical American home. Monkey looking around nervously. Weavers, leading their horses across a field of grass. Aiellos, screwing around in their you see what I'm saying? What's the relevance of the monkey? [BOMP.]

Commercials. I would like to register my objection to these "Amazing Achievement" CBS commercials if they're going to continue plotzing over such feats as Reichen and Chip handing some fruit over to a bunch of harmless orangutans. That's not even the most amazing thing that happened in that episode. What happened to Millie going batshit crazy? Now that was amazing.

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