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They're Slithering To The Finish Line Like The Rest Of Us, Part II

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It's the end of the world as we know it

At the Hanoi airport, Teri and Ian are first to arrive, followed closely by Ken and Gerard. They all wonder where Flo and Zach are. When FloZach finally arrives at 5:45 AM, Gerard asks them whether they want to share ticket information, and rather than just keeping a poker face and saying no as if she's nervous, Flo actually giggles happily, which of course gives away that she thinks they have a leg up on the other teams. Knowing from Flo's overly happy demeanor that something is clearly up, Ken and Gerard go scouting around in the airport and make their way to an executive office, where they inquire about switching from their flight to the earlier one. Again, my understanding was always that this wasn't allowed once the flight was booked, but I suppose that once they let Zach change his tickets, they couldn't very well stop the rest of the teams from doing the same thing. While Ian and Teri fret downstairs about what exactly is going on, the Bald Snark is able to change to the same earlier flight that FloZach is on. When Ken and Gerard make it back downstairs, Ian eyes them with suspicion. "Here they come, Secret Squirrel and Rocky." Heh. "They're slithering to the finish line like the rest of us," he episode-titles.

The teams all hop on the Hanoi-Tokyo flight. On the plane, FloZach sits and looks miserable, while Ken and Teri have one spirited conversation and Gerard and Ian have another. Boy, they really do have an alliance. How did that happen? At any rate, The Amazing Yellow Line makes the leap to Japan. At Narita International Airport, everyone gets off the plane. Teri goes and inquires at the counter about the possibility of getting on an earlier flight. The lady confirms that indeed there is an earlier one. Asshat, incidentally, is standing at the counter accompanied by the Bald Snark, so I wonder if Ken and Gerard tipped them off. The lady says that there's only one seat left on the earlier flight. Flo gets the skinny from Ken that Ian and Teri can't get on the earlier flight, and she gloats happily to Zach. Boy, you've really got to earn a good gloat, and I somehow just don't think Flo really has earned hers. Ken and Gerard and FloZach proceed to the gate for their flight, while Asshat sits miserably and waits for theirs.

Commercials. Why would anyone go see Leonardo DiCaprio dirty and scruffy and bogged down by long hair and Cameron Diaz when they could go see Leonardo DiCaprio chipper and clean-cut in a movie without Cameron Diaz in it? Just one of life's little mysteries, I suppose.

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