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It's the end of the world as we know it

The business/economy issue has touched off a lot of talk in the forums, but here's my take, in the end: if Flo and Zach sat in economy class, but the show never got the money back for the difference between business and economy, then that's just not right. That would mean that they essentially bought economy seats at business prices, which is pretty clearly not within the no-business-class rule as I think any team would understand it. If Flo and Zach sat in economy class and the show wound up only paying the economy price, then I think the issue is whether the fact that they already had the business class seats somehow made it easier for them to get any available economy seats. If it did, then that's not fair either, because that means that giving them enough "float" to temporarily hold business class seats worked to their advantage. On the other hand, it's possible that they got a full refund on the business class seats, and economy seats just happened to open up while they were on the train, the way airline seats sometimes do, and they didn't get any kind of priority on those tickets just because they held existing business class tickets. The conversation on the train sort of makes it sound like that's what happened. If that's what happened, then I still think they shouldn't have bought them the business class seats, and I still don't get what's up with letting them switch flights after they were booked, but in the end, it didn't really matter. I suppose that at that point, you'd have the issue that the clue as Teri read it specifically required them to buy their airline tickets "at a travel agency in the city of Da Nang," meaning you could argue that FloZach should have had to cool their heels in Da Nang until economy seats opened up, but that's a different problem. It's a complicated business, rule enforcement. I think they do their best.

At any rate, Flo tells Zach how great he is. And the weather outside is fair once again.

In Hanoi at four in the morning, the teams get off the train and head for the airport in cabs. But first, FloZach has to drop by a hotel and pick up their new tickets. When they get there, the travel agent is waiting with their different tickets and their different Tokyo-Honolulu flight. Flo comes over and bubbles excitedly. "At this point, I think we're destined to win," she says. Bleh. It's not even the luck of the evil, either. It's just that annoying way the world has of letting some people continually come up smelling like roses even if they roll around with dead fish.

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