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At the train station, Ian and Teri arrive. Ian says that he suspects that Flo and Zach have "absolutely great flights," because they seem to have "the luck of the Irish" (I can't help wondering which one of them he suspects of being Irish), so he's not counting on anything.

Back at the travel agency, Zach has a new plan. They'll buy business class tickets, and when they get to the airport, they'll try to trade them in for economy. Now, this sort of confused me. Zach makes it clear that they are buying these tickets in spite of the fact that they have no intention of using them -- they'll cancel them and get economy class later. Zach's voiceover suggests that you can't fly business class, but you can buy business class, which I think is wrong, too -- they've never cared if you fly business class as long as you only pay the economy price. Based on what Phil said before, I guess it's possible that the issue is getting into the airport, for which you have to have tickets out of Hanoi. But suppose that there had been no business class seats on the flight they wanted, either. Would the show have gone along if they had wanted to buy tickets on a completely different flight to, say, India, just so they could enter the airport, planning to cancel those tickets and get tickets to Tokyo at the last minute? Not to overthink the reality television or anything.

FloZach arrives at the train station in time for the train to Hanoi, so all the teams are on the same train from Da Nang. Flo voices over that they had booked business class tickets from Hanoi to Tokyo, and they knew they couldn't use them. Flo says that it was "a very distressful situation." You know, if she had made that word up on purpose, it would be sort of clever. As it is, she sounds drunk, like that girl who sits in the corner with her friends and her thirteenth Fuzzy Navel at four in the morning going, "The way he disresect -- disexpect -- the way he was so mean to me is makes me so -- distressful!"

Commercials. Looking good naked is all about quality lotion, you know.

The train makes its way toward Hanoi. Flo claims that she and Zach decided on the train to explore other options for getting tickets. I think it's safe to assume that "we" in this case refers to "Zach," because she certainly doesn't appear to be lifting a finger. Flo voices over that Zach came up with a plan to call travel agencies from the train using someone's cell phone. He begs a phone off someone. "I love you, sir," he says to the guy who eventually gives him a phone. Heh. He says that he's going to call and try to find out whether tickets are available now that weren't available before. Now this is where it gets really interesting. Not only does Zach's travel agent get him economy seats from Hanoi to Tokyo, but he gets him seats on an earlier flight from Tokyo to Honolulu than the one all the teams have tickets on already. Man, I'd been under the impression that that was a rule too -- once you book your flight, you're booked, and you can't cancel and change to an earlier flight. They either rewrote all the flight-booking rules on this leg, or I never understood them, or I missed something. Certainly, any of those is plausible.

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