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They're Slithering To The Finish Line Like The Rest Of Us, Part II

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It's the end of the world as we know it

Teri and Ian are next to pile out of their cab. Ian takes the Roadblock, and gets there while Zach is still there. They both work on the totem poles. Zach is first out of the Roadblock, and they take off. Flo reads the clue, which tells them go to GasWorks Park and follow the flags to the finish line. They've got their taxi still there, it appears, so they jump in and take off. (TARcon attendees: "Nooooooo!")

Here come Ken and Gerard to the Roadblock. They pass Teri and Ian, who have finished and are on the way out. These two teams manage a friendly greeting as they pass each other. Gerard takes the Roadblock for the Bald Snark. Teri and Ian hop in their cab and take off. In the cab, Teri reads the clue again. "Follow the flags to the finish line!" she says excitedly. "Yahoo!" Yeah, she really said "yahoo." Hee.

In the cab, Flo is having a defeatist moment. I realize they are hard to identify, since she has them pretty much all the time, but I'm just saying -- she has another one.

Gerard finishes the Roadblock. They leave. He promises all the money in his wallet to the cabbie if he gets them there fast.

In the FloZach cab, she rationalizes how perfectly fine it will be if Ken and Gerard win. She's happy to be second. She'll remind Zach of his error for the rest of her life on a daily basis, but she's happy to be second.

Ken and Gerard race to catch Teri and Ian. In their cab, Kenny says, "I don't want you to break the law, but if you see a red light, just go through it." Gerard, counting his money, cracks up. Gosh, I love them.

The Bald Snark cabbie squeals his tires and cuts through a gas station; elsewhere, Ian tells Teri in their cab that they did a great job, and he loves her. In the FloZach cab, Flo makes yet another apology for being such a pain in the ass, and I'm sure it's as sincere as the six or eight that have preceded it, which is to say very sincere, except in the sense that she's likely not going to change her behavior or anything. Oh, and when she apologizes for being a pain in the ass, she snaps at him, "You're supposed to say 'you haven't been'!" "You haven't been," he says, tired. "You haven't been a total pain in the ass." Boy, that's sure worth a lot, when a guy tells you you aren't a pain in the ass because you order him to. He assures her she was "great."

Ken and Gerard high-five in their cab. It must be nice to actually say that you had a great race together without having to follow it with "anyway." Like, "I enjoyed racing with you anyway," which is sort of what both of the other teams are stuck with.

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