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They're Slithering To The Finish Line Like The Rest Of Us, Part II

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It's the end of the world as we know it

Commercials. Buy your movie tickets online. All the dumb-ass nineteen-year-olds are doing it.

Flo continues to hope that Asshat is not going to show up anytime soon, they come. Ian works the counter, but Teri is on the phone, and she winds up booking the same flight as the other two teams. They make a run through the airport to the gate. When they get there, no one is happy to see them. "Do you really think we'd let you get away without saying goodbye?" Ian says in that way that's supposed to sound like he's teasing, but is actually a complete screw-you. Gerard laughs graciously. Music thumps as the teams board the flight. So here we are again, all bunched up heading into the final city. The Amazing Yellow Line shows the little hop to Honolulu, and then the big haul to Seattle.

Oh, and in other news, on this flight, a couple of racers couldn't keep their yaps shut, and babbled to other people on the flight about what they were doing and where they'd been and what tasks they'd performed along the way. Therefore, spoilers flew around online from about the second week of the race, giving away the final teams. Thanks a lot, yap-flappers, for seriously sucking a good part of the fun out of the season. You couldn't have stayed quiet for one more freaking day? Just a little piece of business I wanted to get out of the way.

Anyway, on the flight, Teri explains that she knows she has "something left" for the final sprint to the finish. "I'm sure that all of these other teams do, but mine is just a little better." Goodness, aren't we confident all of a sudden? Zach talks about how he and Flo are young and strong and pretty and blah dee blah, so obviously all these oldsters have no chance. He sugarcoats it slightly, but that's the idea. Gerard says they have a "very good chance of winning," provided they keep up their energy level along the way. Quick shots of the final six racers speed past as they look resolutely ahead.

We fly directly into the Space Needle (ow!) and then the plane lands, bringing us into the home stretch. Everyone runs out of the airport and grabs taxis. Ken and Gerard are the first to get away from the airport in their cab, followed by FloZach. "As fast as you can go," Zach urges. Teri and Ian are last. They ask their driver if he knows where he's going, and he says he doesn't, but he can try to follow one of the other cabs. Ian points out that the other cabs are already gone.

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