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They're Slithering To The Finish Line Like The Rest Of Us, Part II

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It's the end of the world as we know it

Teri and Ian? Still lost.

Ken and Gerard run to the next stop, and contrary to what they just told Flo, they learn that there is indeed a choice, because we have arrived at the Detour. And you know what that means. A Detour is a choice. Between two tasks. Each! With its own! Pros and cons! Their next clue is behind a big, beautiful waterfall, and they have two ways to reach it. They can take a reckless slide on a zip wire down into the lagoon (oh, whatever, I'm calling it a lagoon) and reach it from there, or they can take a chicken-like walk down and get it that way.

Unsurprisingly, Ken and Gerard decide to take the drop. "We're going to be fine, Ken," Gerard says. "We're absolutely nuts, but we're going to be fine." Heh. They are launched, and take what looks like actually a fairly tame slide down the wire into the water. They raise their arms as they hit the water -- ow.

In a rather baffling moment, Flo opens the Detour clue and acts as if she is very offended. "Oh," she says indignantly, "Detour. 'Do everything you have to do.'" Now I can't believe it actually says that, so I have no idea what motivated that weird little remark. Zach reads the clue out loud, but as soon as he gets through describing the drop, Flo says, "Fine, fine, Quick Drop," and she walks away waving her arms. Zach smirks his way through the rest of the clue. That's just about their most endearing moment of the entire race, and it's certainly their most endearing moment of the last several legs. She voices over as they prepare to take the drop that it's the last Detour, so she thought she'd try something "a little bit risky." Of course, it would have been preferable if, in honor of the last entire leg, she had tried the biggest risk of all -- shutting up. Some things just aren't meant to be, I guess.

A soaking Ken and Gerard make their way to the next clue. It tells them to get back in their car, fly to Seattle, and find Kerry Park. Phil explains that Seattle is the "final destination." Excuse me, isn't this supposed to be a race around the world? How is Florida to Seattle "around the world"? You're short by an entire continent. And it's sort of a large continent, too. What a rip-off. I knew all that screwing around with the wine and the goats would have some deleterious effect somewhere down the line. Nevada to San Francisco was bad enough, but this is a scandal. Florida to Seattle is not around the world. Bastards.

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