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They're all still searching post-ads, and both teams seem to discover the characters in the clue at the same time before getting back to their new, more focused search. "We've been through so much," Lisa pants. I assume she's referring to what they've been through in their lives in general, because so far The Amazing Race, which leads people on adventure-filled chases around the globe, has taken them about a hundred yards. Phil stands patiently on the mat, and ultimately it's Keri who finds the last winning plate. They carry it over to Phil, and Lance waves it in his face, going, "That's right, that's right, come on, baby, you know it's it!" Whoa, that is a hell of a breach of protocol. "That is correct," Phil says sadly, already dreading encountering this tool again, and off they go. Eric and Lisa hug before walking over to take their Philimination like adults. We do get to enjoy the subtitle reading "Eric & Lisa -- Last Place" as they hug again on the mat. Lisa says she was looking forward to this, but "now it's on to the next adventure." Specifically, fleeing the Amazing Men In Black who want to sequester them after less then ten minutes in The Amazing Race. I bet now they wish they were more Zen, right? Eric interviews, "To be the first team eliminated, now the shame, the pain..." Oh, I like where this is going. "...Is gone for everybody else. We took a beating for everybody." Wait, what? "We set them free," Lisa adds. Oh, so they fucked up on purpose? How very generous of them. They sure fooled me, though, running and searching frantically along with everyone else so none of the other teams would ever suspect that Eric and Lisa were giving them a gift. Now pardon me while I get started not missing them. So long, Numero frickin' doce.

Back with the people who are still in the race, Lance says he can't believe they came so close to elimination. "But you're the one who was supposed to read the clue," he points out, laughing to show he's not just being a jerk. I'm not buying it. And to her credit, Keri doesn't seem to be either.

As we arrive at LAX, Phil says the first six teams will be on an AA flight leaving at 12:45. The other five teams will leave on United at 1:15. With the acquisition of the tickets out of the way, the teams can start getting to know each other, as is customary at the first airport of the season. Zev tells Big Easy -- the bigger of the two Globetrotters, so that's easy to remember -- that his job is playing basketball for the Harlem Globetrotters. What a coincidence. Big Easy laughs and says he's an MIT grad. Marcy tells Gary|Matt and Meghan|Cheyne that the opening challenge was more intense than childbirth. Watching at home, her presumably adult offspring must be looking forward to not having that held over their heads any more. Big Easy asks Maria and Tiffany about their jobs, and Tiffany claims, "We work with an organization that deals with homeless kids in Los Angeles." What? In an interview, Tiffany says this is a "bluff that we're running...We don't want them to know that we make a lot of money playing poker because we feel like it's going to make them not want to help us so much." Whereas I'm sure they'll be all over trying to help your lying asses when they inevitably find out the truth.

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