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Next come Sam and Dan, in orange. Phil says they're "brothers from Missouri." We see them frolicking by the pool as Dan -- the more Clooney-looking one of the two-- says they're "Christian, young, Midwest kids, but we can be bad when we want to." So how will God know upon whose behalf to intervene if it comes down to them and Mika|Canaan? Well, depending on one's beliefs, here's a potential tiebreaker: they came out to each other a year ago. They tell us that it was such a special moment that they high-fived each other. I'm glad they shared that with us, because otherwise who knows what some people might have thought about how they celebrated.

Gary and Matt are in green, and are a father/son team from Montana. Gary looks like Dan from TAR13 will look in thirty years, and Matt looks like the lead singer of Smashmouth with bright pink hair. As we see them doing stuff around the farm, it turns out that their thing is that they didn't spend any time together when Matt was growing up. Gary tells us, "There's so many years that we miss out on sometimes because we were running so fast. And hopefully this'll be an opportunity for me to make it up to him." So he plans to make up for years of running too fast with three weeks of running even faster? I'm not entirely on board with this plan.

Eric and Lisa give a triumphant little leap as they jog into view, wearing black. Phil tells us they're "married yoga teachers." As we see them doing their thing in the yoga studio, Lisa says people will assume they're very Zen, but the Tarzan-looking Eric insists they're actually "yoga in the hood," which they demonstrate by riding a motorcycle with no helmets and no hands on the handlebars. Eric says they'll make it to the Finish Line "Numero frickin' uno." Remember that. What I love is that the camera lingers on him a little too long, forcing him to hold that dorky boast-pose longer than he'd probably prefer. But isn't yoga all about holding uncomfortable poses?

Garrett and Jessica are "dating on and off from Northern California." Why on and off? Garrett says he grew up with a brother and is unused to "female drama," whereas Jessica tells us she is from a family of strong women from Colombia. Garrett talks about her "fiery Colombian side," like nice job stereotyping your own girlfriend. "If we can't get through the race without blowing up, the relationship could be at stake." Oh, but we're all pulling for them. Not.

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