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The Globetrotters are just behind Sam and Dan, and Gary and Matt are still on the mat when those two teams arrive. Sam and Dan are team number two, and Flight Time and Big Easy, who Phil addresses as "Herb" and "Nate" for some reason, are in third. High fives all around. Lance and Keri are team number four, although from Lance's reaction you might think they just won a fourth leg in a row.

Zev calmly finishes up with his ducks like it ain't no thing, and he and Justin are off in fifth place. That's how you make up time. The same might be said of Tiffany, who is telling her charges in the home stretch, "Work with me, come on, it's a race, ducks!" And she's saying it in a frequency only they can hear. By the time she finishes, remembering to thank Jesus, they've gone from last to sixth place. Shortly thereafter, Meghan gingerly gets the last of her ducks back in the pen on her second attempt, and they're in seventh place. Mika finishes her second try in eighth, with Marcy in ninth. That leaves Ericka and Jessica alone in the duck field. "These ducks are killing us," Brian grits. Meanwhile Garrett is yelling unhelpful advice to Jessica and telling us, "That's the biggest problem with us, I can never calm her down." And he's setting such a great example, too. Ericka is also not open to Brian's input: "Don't you dare get disappointed in me!" she snaps at him. That is not what being in love is all about. Jessica runs out of time again, and so does Ericka. Commercial!

Back from the break, Jessica narrates that she needed to "Stop and remain calm and not freak out." She does just that, taking a deep breath before calmly getting started again. Garrett now calls out actual encouragement to her, while Brian advises Ericka to take a second to catch her breath. She waves him off, and he says, "We need to at least get a bronze medal here." Do they give bronze medals for tenth? I think that's melamine, if memory serves.

Zev and Justin reach the Pit Stop at a walk, Justin carrying both their bags as Zev drops their Amazing Purse on the mat before stepping onto it. They're happy to be team number five, though, and Zev interview that he wants to "show the world that we're normal people and are capable of things. "Then he cracks Justin up by giving a big "Yeah!" and a fist pump. Justin may not have Asperger's syndrome, but he is easily amused.

Meghan and Cheyne barely beat Team Inside Straight to the Pit Stop, in sixth and seventh respectively. Mika and Canaan arrive in eight, then move aside to make room for Marcy and Ron, team number nine. They cheer exhaustedly for themselves. Looks like it's going to be a tight group leaving the Pit Stop next week again.

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