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When we comeback, Zev wonders if maybe Justin somehow lost the clue when he fell in the river, and all they can do is have their boat driver take them back to the mud pits. Team Inside Straight is finishing up just as Justin returns to the dock and spots his sodden clue hanging from the edge of the dock, with the muddy Mekong flowing literally inches below it. He awkwardly retrieves it, and they take off just ahead of the last-place team, which is still Team Inside Straight. But Zev and Justin's nominal lead is not only safe but expanding, because Maria can't seem to get back in the boat to leave. We see her trying to climb in and end up in the river, but since her pants were already soaked, this clearly wasn't her first attempt. She makes it on the second or third try, though. She did much better making the Pho.

Meghan and Cheyne have returned to the village, congratulating each other as they run up to some kind of festival currently in progress. Locals are playing stringed instruments that look like Vietnamese versions of cello, banjo, and guitar while a woman sings. Cheyne says he loved the traditional music. I can't picture him doing a cover version when he gets home, though. They also enjoy the sight of a local farmer, who is herding a large number of ducks through a narrow chute. Which is how we segue onto the opening of the next clue, which is a Road Block.

"Who's feeling just ducky?" is the question, and Meghan says she is. Phil says that Vietnamese farmers use ducks as insecticides in their rice paddies. Which is ingenious, as long as they prefer having their rice paddies filled with duck crap instead of bugs. We see Phil standing in a low, small pen surrounded by a bunch of the noisy, half-panicked creatures (reminiscent of the opening challenge, that), yelling over the quacking, "In this Road Block, teams are going to have to get and keep all their ducks in a row. Literally."

What they'll have to do is use a pair of orange flags on long handles to herd 150 ducks out of one of those pens and into the surrounding corral, then across a narrow, fenced-in bridge to another corral. And then they have to get them back to the pen -- all in ten minutes. That will earn them a clue, but if they run out of time, they have to wait for another turn. I'm sure if they explain the situation to the ducks, they'll be totally cooperative.

Meghan and Cheyne approach the field and, watch a farmer demonstrate as they walk past before Meghan Cheyne goes in to give it a shot. "Come on, monkeys," she says to her ducks, who are quite unimpressed with her grasp on taxonomy. As for her herding skills? Well, the locals can do this so well that it looks like they're practicing telekinesis on bed linens. Whereas Meghan's ducks scatter like ball bearings on a kitchen floor. Not off to a good start.

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