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Next morning, after a little picturesque footage of daily activities around the dock, the gate is opened at 7:00 sharp and the teams all run in a group to the clue box. It's a Route Info, which they really need a new name for if they're going to keep having so many of them. Phil tells us that the teams will have to board small sampans and race through the Mekong Delta to some mud pits along the bank. Then they'll need to work together to carry the thick, dark, slimy mud from the bank to an adjoining fruit orchard, where they will need to bury the roots of a tree in the mud, up to where it's marked with a red ribbon. That ribbon is just a couple of feet above the ground, but the fenced-in circle around it is fairly wide. This is going to call for a lot of mudslinging..

As the first few teams climb into the long, narrow boats, Maria and Tiffany open up their Speed Bump. Phil tells us that Team Inside Straight will have to find a soup stand, order a bunch of ingredients for Pho soup separately, and bring them back to the dock, where the dockmaster is waiting. Then they have to fix him a bowl and serve it to him. If he likes it, he gives them their next clue. Off they go for their brief detour into Top Chef.

Meghan and Cheyne are at the head of the small armada now negotiating the river, all of whom are trying to hurry their boat drivers along. Except for Mika and Canaan. He tells their cameraman that Mika's scared of water and he doesn't know why. "You don't know why?" she says sarcastically. In an interview, she admits to her fear, though she says she is learning to swim. Back in the boat, she says, "[My] backpack weighs more than I do, and it wants to be at the bottom of this if I go out." Wow, I never thought of that. Suddenly I'm afraid of water.

The vendor dishes up the ingredients for Maria and Tiffany in four separate bowls, and Maria carries it as they go back in search of the dockmaster.

Meghan and Cheyne reach the fruit farm first, and Cheyne is a little too eager to get off the boat. He tries to jump over the side of the boat directly to shore, not realizing that he's jumping into a mud pit until he sinks nearly to his hips. Oops. Meghan takes the more dignified wooden gangplank as he extracts himself, lucky not to lose a shoe, and they run to find the trees and get to work, gathering wide, round pans to carry the mud and returning to the bank with them as Marcy|Ron and Garrett|Jessica arrive. The latter team gets right to it, working together smoothly. Garrett seems pretty pissed about it in a post-leg interview, though.

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