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The Globetrotters, Mika|Canaan, and Marcy|Ron are also in shuttle vans, looking out at the rain and all the mopeds that are traversing streets that are flooded nearly to their axles. Not that that's slowing down traffic; indeed, one oncoming moped darts between two shuttle vans traveling in the opposite direction. Yikes. The Globetrotters talk about how Maria and Tiffany turned out to be poker players. "They straight-up lied to us," Flight Time complains. Well, no, they were "running a bluff." It's entirely different. Still, the sympathy they felt for them yesterday after their near-elimination is now gone. "Game on," Flight Time says. Sounds like he's all in.

The lead teams arrive at Xemien Tay bus station, the parking lot of which is pretty much an ankle-deep lake today. They jump out and wade into the building, and proceed to the ticket window to get their Cai Be tickets. The Globetrotters are right behind them, and all three teams get on a 3:30 bus, with Mika|Canaan and Marcy|Ron arriving hot on their heels. Their soaked, squishy heels.

Meanwhile, Zev and Justin are riding along in their van, and Zev says he doesn't want to get his shoes wet. Justin says he should probably get used to the idea, but Zev says he'll take them off when it comes time to jump off the bus. "Barefoot in Vietnam? You're sure you're ready for that?" Justin asks. "Looks like most everybody else is," Zev says, spotting a wade-estrian with an umbrella, a rain poncho, and no shoes.

The first few teams board their bus, wondering if there's going to be enough room for everyone. It's probably even more crowded than it looks, with all the camera guys having to stay out of each other's shots. Marcy and Ron, still back at the ticket window, are learning that the bus leaves in five minutes. Team Aspergers' shuttle arrives at the station and Zev stays true to his word, crossing from the shuttle to the station with shoes in hand. Marcy and Ron cram onto the first bus, which is looking even more full. Ron explains that here, the buses leave when they fill up. So by any standard, this one is due to leave by the time it gets rolling.

It has left behind Zev and Justin, the latter of whom is a little too pleased to be booked on a 4:45 bus (Zev knows better). Ericka and Brian also get tickets for that bus, as do the rest of the remaining teams, including Gary and Matt (and their fogged-up camera lens), Garrett|Jessica, and Lance|Keri. As they all pile on the 4:45 bus, they spot the other teams leaving and realize they're kind of screwed, with their departure time still an hour off. Well at least everyone in the back of the pack is all in the same boat. Almost literally, in these flooded streets.

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