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Maria and Tiffany are in mismatched purple as Phil introduces them as "professional poker players." They talk about how their profession and their competitive natures will help them win. Boston Rob sees these professional card players turned Amazing Racers and thinks they're doing this all backwards. Can't wait to see which one of these women ends up on Survivor.

Here come Zev and Justin, in red. Phil tells us they are "best friends from Los Angeles." And you know how a lot of times a reality show participant will strike some people as a little different, and they jump on the message boards to debate whether that person has Asperger's syndrome? Well, we aren't going to be seeing that with Zev, because he comes right out and tells us in his squeaky, nasal voice that he was diagnosed with Asperger's at the age of eleven. And on behalf of the forum moderator, Roxy, I'd like to thank him for that. He interviews that he's pretty attached to his daily routine (as any Asperger's expert on any message board could have told you), so that'll be an added challenge for him on the race. His partner Justin, who appears neurotypical (at least for now), says that Zev is the most honest person you'll ever meet. "That's nice. Tear," Zev jokes. I do have to say that Justin appears to genuinely enjoy Zev; I'm really not getting a Charlie Babbitt vibe off him at all.

Mika and Canaan are in blue, and Phil tells us they're newly dating. We see them singing a duet as Canaan says he has a song on the country charts right now. I'll have to take his word for it. They talk about their faith, and Mika says she hopes that will help them in the race. "We can pray about winning," she says. I'm glad she laughs, because it's not like nobody's ever tried that before.

Next are "Flight Time" and "Big Easy," nicknames Phil enunciates with relish. News flash: Phil is down. They are Harlem Globetrotters, and of course their entrance in navy blue team shirts is accompanied by the familiar whistled tune of "Sweet Georgia Brown." I have to assume that song is public domain at this point, based on how frequently we're going to hear it tonight. Either that, or it's more expensive not to play the Globetrotters theme song whenever one or more of them is on camera. Over footage of them playing stunt basketball at both real games and in the gym, they talk about how this is basically what they do: they play games and get up early and travel a lot. And that's an excellent point; in a globetrotting reality show, they are literal globetrotters. Plus one of them is named Flight Time. That's like if Survivor cast the band Survivor and one of the members was named Immunity Idol.

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