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Meanwhile, Brian and Ericka have succeeded in begging the ticket agent to come off enough tickets for all four of the teams who are at the counter -- including Team Inside Straight. "Those two are shady," Matt mutters to Gary, who agrees noncommittally. I'm still not sure why everyone's acting like the coattail strategy is somehow morally reprehensible, but fortunately Maria and Tiffany are about to make that debate moot: as the walk past the other teams who already have tickets waiting in the check-in line, those other teams ask if the girls are on the flight, but the ladies don't bother to answer. "Those girls aren't very nice," Mika observes to Canaan. At this rate, their cover as non-profit freelance organ donors won't hold up much longer.

In fact, it's going to collapse even sooner than you think. A short distance away, they are asking a local for pronunciation help with the name of their destination village. And darn the luck, he's a poker fan and he recognizes Tiffany. Sam and Dan overhear this from the head of the line, and realize that the ladies just had their cards thrown down on the table. Unaware that they were overheard, they soon find themselves next to Sam and Dan at the front of the counter, and comment on their matching orange passport covers -- the brothers' team color, remember. The girls joke about whether it means the boys are gay, although since they interview later that "we're falling a little bit in love with Sam and Dan," I'm pretty sure they're just kidding. Dan claims that passport holders were a gift from their sister-in-law. Good cover, but these guys might have to be more careful about flying under the other teams' gaydar.

And then everyone's on the same Amazing Red Line to Vietnam. If nothing else, I'm looking forward to the end of this global recession so that it's hard for all the teams to get on the same flight all the time again. Despite Ho Chi Minh City's former name, somehow the Amazing Editors manage to introduce us to the town with typical footage of buildings and bustling streets rather than a close-up of a revolving ceiling fan and Martin Sheen muttering, "Saigon." At the airport, Sam and Dan get on the same shuttle van with Team Inside Straight. "Poker, poker, poker, poker," Dan chants at them in a goofy accent once they're underway. The girls laugh and say, "You're so cute." Dude, they're smitten. I notice that the guys don't seem all morally indignant about the poker chicks' "bluff," possibly since for gameplay reasons, they're not being entirely honest about themselves. Of course, they're also not actively claiming to be straight rich guys looking for long-term romantic/sponsorship relationships with professional gamblers, either.

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