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You know, maybe I'm being too hard on Lance. Sure, his cocky, aggressive, wound-too-tight personality rubs me the wrong way, but he hasn't done anything actively obnoxious yet. Maybe he's just a product of his regional roots. But then I think about all the cool, laid-back people from New England I know, who are kind and thoughtful and peaceful. They would KICK MY ASS for lumping them in with Lance.

"Marcy and Ron are leaving the Pit Stop at 12:41, and she asks where they're going. "I'm going to Vietnam, I don't know where you're going," Ron cracks, which isn't the friendliest thing he could have said. But they agree that they need "a phone or an internet." This race would certainly be different if racers were allowed to carry cell phones. Or internets.

Flight Time and Big Easy leave at 12:42 in fifth place, which is when we learn that the allowance for this leg is $444. As they head off to the hotel's internet room to book their flight in advance, Flight Time interviews that they plan to use their status as Harlem Globetrotters to their advantage, relying on their international respect they command to get assistance from people they meet along the way. This is illustrated as they go into that internet café and get an American guy who was already there to help them out. "You're only helping the guys," Marcy protests mildly. "Hey, they're Globetrotters," the guy shrugs. Flight Time looks at the camera like, "See what I mean?" Indeed we do.

It's still a tight middle pack, as Brian and Ericka leave at 12:44, deciding on the strategy of getting to the airport ASAP and going from there. "I don't know if the other teams just didn't see the taxicab or what," Brian remarks in the back of their cab. Or maybe they know something you don't.

Gary & Matt's departure time? 12:45. They're also cabbing it to the airport. Meanwhile, the Globetrotters and Marcy|Ron are booking themselves on that 10:30 flight. They all seem to be using the same travel website, which just happens to feature a gnome. Coincidence, I'm sure.

Garrett and Jessica are leaving at 12:51, and they also head to the hotel's internet café as Jessica interviews that for the seven years they've known each other, they've been broken up more than they've been together. Which, as we'll see later, may be the best thing that can be said about their relationship. "It's getting close to figuring out if it's walk off the aisle or walk off the plane," Garrett adds. Unfortunately, I'm not anywhere close to figuring out how he came up with that expression.

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