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Tiffany and Maria lead their team through what looks like a demonstration against NHK, which is basically the BBC for Japan. The protesters are standing motionless and silent, which is no way to get on TV, unless of course they're counting on a couple of lost American reality show participants to wander by. Team Inside Straight gets a map from a hotel lobby, and get back on their way.

Back at the studio, Gary finishes his wasabi bomb, and as he and Matt get loaded up to go with their purple team, Ericka gets more and more shrill with Brian as he tries to choke it down before time runs out. Brian? Fails.

Out on the streets, it's getting confusing, not just for the teams, but for those of us trying to keep track of it all at home. Marcy and Ron get across the Scramble at roughly the same time as the Globetrotters and Lance|Keri. Lance screamily leads his team in another direction, getting them there in third place. You won't believe this, but his form of celebration involves screaming.

There are only two teams left in the studio as the wheel spins again, and Dan gets his wasabi bomb at last. He says he eats sushi at home, "even in Missouri," like the Show Me state is still a primitive backwater where the only seafood you can get is what young Samuel Clemens dredged up from the deck of his riverboat. But Sam's as good as his word, with over a minute left on the clock when he finishes. Off they go in tenth place, leaving what Brian describes in an interview as only him and Ericka, the remaining twenty fans, and the host, "and that's it." Don't' forget the Sailor Moon girls. As they spin the wheel again, and Brian psychs himself up for another try, Ericka says, I should have done this challenge." Brian looks like she just kicked his dog in the nuts. And that, America, is what being in love is all about.

After a commercials the host is still spinning the wheel. Uh, why? With only one player left, isn't it safe to assume that it's his turn? Whatever the case, as a wasabi bomb stops in front of Brian and he gets started on it, Sam and Dan and their light-green team run into Team Inside Straight, and get the girls to help them with directions. The forty-four of them (forty -eight, with crew) take off together. In an interview, Sam says of the girls, "For their job, they work for a non-profit that helps homeless youth, which is fantastic," just as the regular team subtitle reminds us that they are in fact "Maria & Tiffany, Professional Poker Players." So it's a non-profit now? Are they going to be adding more compassionate buzzwords to their job title as the race goes on, until they eventually arrive back in the Western Hemisphere as green suicide/cutting counselors for homeless orphan abused lactose-intolerant lepers with cancer and also for dolphins? These two caring givers seem to have their group kind of straggling behind them, and they hope they still have everyone. Not a solid strategy.

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