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Zev and Justin are having better luck, because they've found an American (or possibly Canadian) who knows where it is and will take them there. There's nothing like a North American expatriate when you're in a hurry overseas, is there?

Back at the studio, Maria is still trying to finish up her wasabi bomb, but she's still chewing as everyone counts down the last five seconds like it's New Year's. The timer goes red, and the host says she's going to have to try again. In an interview, Tiffany says she thought Maria was going to quit right then. After the positive, can-do attitude we've seen Maria display so far? Maria nearly gags, but it's time to spin the wheel again. And it lands in front of Maria again. Yikes, one would hope she'd get a break while someone else took a turn, but it's go time for the second time in a row. As everyone gets geared up to watch her take another run at it, she turns to her partner and says, "I can't do another one, Tiffany." But then the commercials hit, so you know it's going to be fine.

And after the ads, Tiffany continues the interview, talking in present tense about how screwed they are as Maria picks up the second wasabi bomb for another shot. Can't she even get a glass of water?

The Shibuya Scramble is so chaotic that as Meghan and Cheyne lead their crowd through the even bigger crowd, their camera and sound guys are briefly visible in a long-range shot. Meanwhile, Marcy asks a street vendor wearing a Kirin hat and apron for directions to the Shibuya Scramble, and is pointed two miles thataway. Marcy is shocked, and I don't blame her; I thought the Japanese did metric. Nothing for it but to continue walking. And for Marcy to ask one of her guys to carry her. He doesn't. You're already putting a lot of miles on these people, Marcy; don't press your luck by trying to become cargo.

Zev and Justin are enjoying their walk through Tokyo. Justin calls back to Zev to hurry it up, but the yellow-visored tourist bringing up the rest of their group has, according to Zev, a broken foot, or shoe, depending on when we're listening to him.

Maria is thisclose to failing again, but finally swallows her last mouthful and raises her hand with just one second left. "I love you so much. That was the most amazing thing...ever," Tiffany tells her as they leave at the head of a column of people in purple visors. Yeah, you think Maria is suffering now, wait until the day after tomorrow when her ass starts feeling like she sat on a leaky car battery.

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