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The host spins the wheel for the remaining nine teams, and this time the wasabi bombs stop in front of Garrett and Justin. Garrett says, "It takes about five seconds for it to hit you, and then it hits you like a ton of bricks. Eyes go red, just starts burning, and you're trying to get it down." Well, now he knows how Jessica feels.

Meghan and Cheyne lead their crowd through the Shibuya Scramble, which is itself a challenge, keeping twenty people together through an intersection that fifteen hundred people are reputed to be walking through at any given moment. Cheyne is ling out the name of the shrine to everyone he passes in hopes of finding someone who will give him directions. Meanwhile, Marcy is taking the time to rally her team, team by chanting "ao" (which means "blue," according to the subtitles and not my memory) through the megaphone she's been supplied. In an interview, she says she gets not frenetic, but intense. This as we see her blowing on a harmonica for some reason. She says some might think she's "frantic," but as she tries to get her people to skip, she just looks like a flake. All Ron can do is watch and hope that some time in the near future she'll remember that they're in a race.

Justin finishes up his wasabi bomb, and in the post-leg interview he's saying he took it down pretty fast. "You did," Zev confirms. "You fat cow." Awesome. Off they go at the head of a team of yellow-visored tourists. Garrett finishes seconds after, and he and Jessica lead their green team out in Team Aspergers' wake.

Seven teams are left, and the wheel takes a third spin. I'm not sure how they're ensuring that a wasabi bomb lands in front of someone every time. Maria claims to have not been intimidated until she saw other people eating it. Then one lands in front of her, and her alone. So I guess that answers at least half of my question. She gets to it, with the audience and even the other racers chanting and clapping her along.

Meghan and Cheyne have found an English-speaking couple to give them directions. While the woman is talking, however, the cameras focuses on the purse-dog perched in the man's shoulder bag, so it looks like the dog is giving the directions. But since the directions do not rely on fire hydrants as landmarks, I think we can assume that this is only an illusion.

Meanwhile, Marcy and Ron are on a brick promenade somewhere, and Ron suggests they walk over to look at a street map posted by the railing. That's almost suspiciously helpful, with at least one shrine marked on the map in the Roman alphabet. But my suspicions are dispelled when the shrine they're looking for doesn't seem to be on there.

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