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Phil opens the show by telling us that "not long ago," eleven teams left Long Beach, California for a racearoundtheworld. Of course, it doesn't seem like a long time to him because he didn't live through the Meatblock Controversy of 2005. At any rate, go! Phil reviews the 13,000 miles the teams have already traveled to Peru, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, and Botswana. Tonight, we will look at a heck of a lot of highlights, and a little bit of extra footage that's there to entice people who haven't missed an episode of this thing since "Swing, you fat bastard!" The first treat of the evening, preceding even the credits, involves Greg and Brian realizing in the car that they're missing a clue. Greg, in the back seat, frantically searches all their paperwork, and cannot locate the clue. "It's not in here, dude," he says unhappily. Brian suddenly reaches into his pocket. "How about that?" he says with a grin, handing it back over the seat. He notes that he had it in his pocket. It's a good thing they get along, because that could get you killed. And why are you carrying a clue in your pocket? Doofus. Phil promises "more exciting moments" to come. If he means "more moments of stupidity," I'm embarrassed to say I'm totally on board.

Credits. I'm so pleased about some of the people who aren't on anymore, and so sad about others. I would have enjoyed seeing Ryan and Chuck engage some giraffes. Ray and Deana milking a goat? I don't think so.

Commercials. William Hung's continuing fame has stopped amusing me, and now makes me seethe.

We return to the initial dash from Long Beach to the airport. Lynn tells Alex in their car that he "may have accidentally pushed Amber." Well, I guess that would be one piece of evidence in the case of You Started It v. No, YOU Started It. We see some spot-shadowed footage in which it really doesn't look like he pushes her very much, meaning I think he's sort of trying to impress Alex by saying he did, which is more than a little irritating. He adds fuel to that theory when he says, "Survive that," and Alex laughs. Ohhh. There have been reports that it's hard to tell whether he actually was seen saying this the other time, so maybe he only said it this time and they dubbed it over there. I certainly hope that's the case, because if he decided he would say that as many times as it took to get it on screen? Laaaame. Elsewhere, Rob and Amber chat about the running at the starting line, and she talks about it being hard to "weave through all the people," but doesn't seem to particularly feel like she was pushed. Rob laughs at the fact that they managed to be the last ones to get on their way. Susan and Patrick are acting excited about Peru, because they haven't spent any time together yet, and they just don't know how it's going to be.

You will recall how everyone met at the airport, but you haven't seen the Ron and Kelly meeting with Ryan and Chuck where politics were discussed. "Who'd y'all vote for?" Ryan asks the POW and Pageant Queen. "George W. Bush," Kelly drawls. "Y'all are The Republicans," Chuck says, and although they don't technically say who they voted for themselves, I don't see guys who also consider themselves Republicans setting out to refer to another team as "The Republicans." I could be wrong, but I choose to believe that Ryan and Chuck are not Bush partisans. Ryan tells Ron and Kelly that they look like they'd be gathered around the bottom of a stage chanting, "Four more years!" Not really a compliment, although Kelly seems to take it as one. Chuck adds that Bush would have loved using them as, like, spokesmodels. Awesome. And true! "That is hil-AR-ious," Kelly says, as she thinks about how wrong everything's gone since they started teaching evolution.

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