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The Best Pest Is A Budapest

Speaking of which, the Nuance/Hayden and Aaron alliance is finding out that the next flight is a Malev flight that will arrive in Budapest at 11:05 AM. Both teams get tickets with a 9:45 AM departure time. Spazpants arrives at the airport next and heads inside, and when they run into Nuance, Kendra tells Jonathan that, in all likelihood, "everybody's going to get on." Kris and Jon, on the other hand, choose to go to Lufthansa first, thinking it may have the best flight schedule out of Berlin. Meanwhile, Gus and Hera arrive at the airport as well, and Hera remembers the location of the travel agency (presumably from...when they arrived?), so they go there rather than directly to a ticket counter. Spazpants is trying for tickets on the Malev flight at the counter; Gus and Hera are doing the same at the travel agent. And before you know it, Gus and Hera are hearing from their travel agent that they got the last available tickets on the Malev flight. Which is consistent with what Spazpants is being told, which is...that they can't get on the flight. Well, it was about time for the forces of good to make some kind of a respectable showing in some leg or other of this thing. "We can't necessarily be the fastest team on our feet," Gus says, "so we've just got to be observant." Hera grins. It also helps when you are the power in opposition to the forces of darkness, because it means you can benefit from a little holiday miracle designed to remind us all that hope is not dead, even if it sometimes seems like it.

At Lufthansa, Kris and Jon learn about the full Malev flight. What they wind up with is an Air Berlin flight that arrives at 12:10 PM, more than an hour behind the other teams. So that's not great. Spazpants is offered precisely the same flight, as Jonathan stares coldly at the ticket agent. Who totally cares, because part of his Customer Service Pledge goes, "If it makes you frowny, we'll have a fix!" So Jonathan's just, oh, inches away from budging the ticket agent. And when Hornio gets to the airport, they learn the same thing, and wind up on the same Air Berlin flight.

As the Malev flight boards, and as it appears that Jonathan and Victoria are waiting to see if they can get on standby, they notice Gus and Hera getting on the flight. Jonathan doesn't see how that's possible, considering that he and Victoria should have gotten to the airport ahead of Gus and Hera. Victoria goes and complains to a ticket agent about how Gus and Hera came in behind them and somehow have gotten on the flight. And then they're actually both haranguing the gate agent about how they somehow got hosed. Jonathan tries to complain about the importance of the race, and how they're going to lose, and blah dee blah. I have no idea why anyone ever thinks a gate agent is going to care about something like that, but that kind of level-headed, rational thinking is why I'm at home and would make a terrible contestant.

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