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The Best Pest Is A Budapest

Nuance runs for their cab, and Kendra still feels sick.

Meanwhile, Hayden straps in for the bungee, explaining that her fear of heights is such that, under normal circumstances, she doesn't even go on roller coasters. Aaron makes the rather unflattering comparison of his girlfriend to a caught fish wiggling around on the end of a line as we watch Hayden zing around the air on the end of the bungee cord. And by "unflattering," I mean "kind of accurate." They get their clue and go. Victoria goes next, even though she classifies herself as "not excited" about the Roadblock. "Victoria, you're a superhero!" Jonathan yells, unwittingly saying something he is very fortunate is not true, although I would have enjoyed seeing him pounded to the ground by the Boobs of Justice. Victoria is cranked up and sent flying. When she's done, he asks her again if she feels "like a superhero" (ugh), and then mercifully, it's over. Yuck.

Nuance arrives at the Berlin airport, and they're directed to Malev (alternately titled "Hungarian Airlines"), but Malev is closed at the moment. They find a ticket counter, however, where they can make the purchase.

Kris takes the bungee. "I think this is going to be fun," she says. And then she goes and eggs M. Giant's house. Wait, what? Did I do it wrong? Anyway, she flies through the air, as she and Jon both laugh through the whole thing. They're all excited as they take off for the airport.

"I can't believe my dad's letting me do this," says Hera as she prepares to go. Well, sweetheart, I don't think he was going to do it. Gus interviews that he thinks the thing looks safe, but that it's never a lot of fun to watch your kid do something daredevil-ish. But Hera does it, bounces around, and lands safely. She even raises her arms in triumph afterward as she lies on the ground.

Hayden and Aaron arrive at the airport, thank their driver, and head inside. They meet up with Nuance, who gives them the skinny on the ticket buying.

We get a quick shot of the signup board, where someone has drawn a little figure hanging upside-down (heh), and then Rebecca takes flight. Adam seems to find the sight of her in the air very amusing, and they get (for whatever reason) amped-up guitar music to accompany their antics. They get the Budapest clue and leave.

And then Lori gets tied in, making a very funny "zoiks" face at Bolo along the way. She makes, I believe, a remark about being glad her boobs aren't any bigger than they are, and then she takes off. Yeah, she's not the most aerodynamic of the women; that is true. And before she's even untied, Lori looks into her helmet-cam and says, hilariously, "That was awesome." Hee hee. In last place again, they take off for the airport.

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