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The Best Pest Is A Budapest

Anyway, no thanks to their thorough understanding of history, Hornio does reach the clue box eventually. They snag a taxi and leave.

Nuance is the first team to arrive at the stadium and find the signup board. They discover that the hours of operation are 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM, so they've got a couple of hours to wait. Again, Kendra wants to know if they should go and "do some research." Freddy points out that without any information about what they're doing next, there's very little they can do in terms of research that's going to be helpful. And while I agree with him that you wouldn't undertake some huge project at this point, it would probably be better than nothing to read a travel guide or something. And it's completely different from her stupid notion of doing research instead of following the clue earlier. Kendra whines about "sitting here doing nothing," and they tell each other to calm down, and you can definitely begin to see the cracks appearing in their pleasant little foundation of ho-ho-ho, aren't we having a good time? "I'm not gonna take this," Kendra complains, which..."take this"? This what? This difference of opinion about research? This being told to calm down? Easy, dear. Kendra pouts prettily, and Freddy walks away from her.

Lori and Bolo pull up to the checkpoint in their cab. They get the clue and head to the stadium, unhappy that they're still last.

At the stadium, Hayden and Aaron and Spazpants are arriving. Victoria notes to Jonathan that Aaron and Hayden are there just ahead of them. Jonathan doesn't understand how that's possible. Oh, well. Sucks to drop fifteen minutes, freakazoid. Maybe it was a better shortcut than I thought. When the two teams meet up outside their cabs, however, Hayden tells Spazpants that she and Aaron are unable to locate the signup board. "It's not here, then," Jonathan tells her. Hayden points up at the big "Olympic thing," insisting that they are indeed at the right place. Aaron gets her away from Jonathan before the bloodletting begins, because Aaron sees the board. The teams run for it, and Hayden and Aaron manage to get there first. Hayden signs her team up, as Aaron watches and chuckles, knowing that Jonathan will not enjoy being edged out. Jonathan comes up just behind Hayden and writes his name on the board. And I do mean "his name," because when Victoria comes up, she notices that Jonathan has put his full name down, rather than writing both of their names. And if he wasn't such a dick, I'd say she was overreacting, but he is, so she's probably not. Aaron, giving me the shout-out without even knowing it, comments, "They're such fucking spazzes." Score! Aaron and I are having hive mind, and it crosses space and time! "We've just got to regroup in the cab," Jonathan tells Victoria, and she follows with a weary and snippy "So I guess it's my fault. As usual." You know, I'm not blaming her for what a jackass he is, but really? I don't want to have lunch with either of them. ["Well, for real. You married it, Victoria, so if you don't like it, make some better decisions in life for a change and ditch his blue-haired ass." -- Wing Chun]

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