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The Best Pest Is A Budapest

3:33 AM. At the time representing half-past the Antichrist, Hornio departs the pit stop. Rebecca wants to get a cab, but Adam suggests that they walk. Rebecca voices over that El Hornio has dropped considerably in her estimation, and that she now considers him "stubborn and spoiled." She says there's no romance now. ["'Now'? Sweetie, he likes boys. Please catch your snap." -- Wing Chun] Rebecca should be careful how she says that, or El Hornio will threaten to throw himself in front of another train. Don't do it, El Hornio! You have so much to live for! You haven't even learned to clip your toenails!

Spazpants is just now pulling up at Checkpoint Charlie. They get the clue and, as they leave, Jonathan tells their cab driver that they need to go "very, very quickly." Meanwhile, here come Hayden and Aaron, who get the clue and get their cab driver to head for the stadium.

4:30 AM. Lori and Bolo, almost an hour off the last team, open their clue. Lori explains that being last "could be a disadvantage." But given the way the bunching has been arranged this season, let's face it: it probably won't be. She also says, however, that they're working better as a team than she would have expected, so that's good. I kind of wish they had worked as a team to tie knots in Hayden's hair in that last episode, but you can't have everything. There are actually people who think that isn't a nice thing to do.

Kris and Jon reach the checkpoint in fourth place, and are quickly followed by Gus and Hera. Both teams get taxis. Speaking of taxis, Spazpants is currently bugging the crap out of its driver, as Victoria leans into the front seat, telling the driver to get a move on. "It's a green liiiiight, can you go?" she whines. "This is not green; it is red," the driver says plainly. "Okay," she says, unable to counter that tricky argument. Who knew it was so easy to trip these people up?

Hayden and Aaron's driver claims to know a shortcut to Olympic stadium. I don't normally encourage the use of taxi-driver-recommended "shortcuts," but this one has the potential to screw Jonathan and Victoria, so obviously, I am in favor of it.

Elsewhere, Hornio walks toward the clue box as Rebecca says, "Is Checkout Charlie a code name for, like, Gestapo?" It's always good when you don't remember the name of what you're looking for, especially when it's only two words, and they are in English. Man. You tell this girl to find Bor Tor, Ao Luk, and she's going to be in trouble. (Side note: That episode, which my head and the show index page call "Climb, Paddle, Swim," was one of my two or three favorite TAR episodes of all time, partly because it included some of the most luscious, amazing, rich scenery they have ever shown, and I have never forgotten it. Sadly, it was shot very near the part of Thailand most devastated by the tsunamis this week. Consider heading over to the Red Cross and throwing their relief fund a few bucks.)

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