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The Best Pest Is A Budapest

At the café, which still has not opened, Hayden and Aaron are delighted to see that when they arrive, everyone is bunched outside. We watch as sweaty Lori and Bolo drag their cannonballs and complete their pyramid, and then they get the clue for Budapest. Hornio gets off the train for the café.

The big news comes when Lori and Bolo reach the train station and learn something very, very unfortunate -- no trains to Budapest tonight. Only tomorrow morning.

Even Hornio arrives at the club before it opens, so basically, aside from Lori and Bolo getting so lost and needing a new car, nothing that anybody did in the entire leg had any meaning whatsoever. Normally, I'm a defender of bunching, in the sense that you really can't have a race without it. I usually find complaints about it to be unrealistic, because if you didn't have it, you'd have somebody get three days ahead and have no show, but...this really does seem kind of ridiculous. When you bunch them at the beginning of the episode, and then you bunch them at the end of the episode, it basically makes the leg feel pretty pointless. Some people handled the leg really well and some really badly, and it made very little difference.

Of course, you are meant to think that it will make a lot of difference, because Lori and Bolo have missed the train and won't get out until tomorrow, so they should be out. And that's true, but...not, really. It's incredibly easy to imagine a situation in which the teams would do something in the café at 10:00 at night and head immediately for either (1) the airport, where there would be no flights until morning; or (2) another task where you can't do anything until morning. Either of those situations could potentially put Lori and Bolo right back within reach of whatever the next bunch turns out to be. I just feel like it's less and less well-planned. You can start to identify good teams by the way they have a tendency not to bleed time randomly all over the place, but when they're constantly bunched and rebunched, it does kill some of the tension. But anyway, Lori says at the train station that she doesn't see how they can catch up. And at 10:00, the other teams file into the café. And back at the train station, Lori sits, dejected, as Bolo strokes her hair. And then Lori and Bolo sleep at the train station. And...and...

"To Be Continued." Huh? No elimination, no non-elimination, just..."To Be Continued"? I don't even know what I think of that. It doesn't tend to offend me, but I'm not sure I see the point. Anyway.

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