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The Best Pest Is A Budapest

Nuance locates the Net Klub café, where a sign informs them that the hours of operation for their task don't start until 10:00, which is three hours away. They are sad, of course. Maybe Kendra can "research" how to get mail on America Online.

Hornio asks a taxi driver to take them to the train station, which, of course, they convey via the time-honored use of "choo-chooo!" hollering. Hayden is anxiously looking out the window of the train, noting that they know Hornio and Lori and Bolo are still behind them. Happily for those on the third train to Budapest, Hornio does not make it to the station in time to get there. Jon talks about being happy to be on the way to Budapest, then he wraps his arm around Kris and kisses the side of her head. I love them.

Budapest again, where Spazpants and Gus and Hera hop off the train. In the cab, Jonathan is all, "Go go go go go go go" with the taxi driver. The driver turns around like, "What the hell is your problem?" Jonathan grows more insistent. "Go go go go go!" he repeats. At the same time, Gus and Hera happily scoot along through Budapest, admiring the pretty buildings and the great city. But Jonathan is not happy. "Oh, come ON!" he scoffs at his driver. "Come oooon!" The driver turns around and puts up a hand, saying something like, "Yoo-gee yoo-gee," which I am guessing is Hungarian for, "Would you like a kick in the ass?" "Race, race!" Jonathan insists. Gus and Hera admire the Blue Danube. "Come ON!" Jonathan yells at his driver one more time. And then it happens. What I have waited for, and know I have openly advocated at least once, although I can't find the recap where I did it: the driver throws them out of the cab. "Finito," the driver says. He gets out of the cab and opens the back door, waving Spazpants out onto the street. Which is awesome. Of course, what is not awesome is that another driver picks them up. They harangue this driver as well, but he appears more able to ignore them. Indeed, Gus and Hera get to the club before Spazpants, and they see the 10:00 PM start to the hours of operation.

At the train station, Hornio gets the lowdown on the next train to Budapest, which leaves in half an hour. Elsewhere, Lori and Bolo's new car finally arrives. They hop in and take off. "It's catch-up time," she says. But Hornio is already on the train, and before you know it, it's getting dark. It's dark when Lori and Bolo reach the castle, and dark when we watch Hayden and Aaron and Kris and Jon getting off the train in Budapest. Lori and Bolo rip the Detour clue, and they unsurprisingly take the cannon, but it appears that the time is growing short for them to make some progress.

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