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The Best Pest Is A Budapest

Kris and Jon park the cannon. They go get cannonballs, and she says, "Thank you for being so strong, baby." They really do have a remarkable ability to keep it together when they have a less than great day.

Hornio shows up at the castle. Reading the clue, they think the catapult sounds like the way to go. "We can do it! I feel good about it!" Rebecca encourages.

Kris and Jon finish the Detour and leave. In fact, she's pretty sure they can just walk to the train station.

In Budapest, Nuance gets off that lead train and gets a taxi.

Back at the castle, Hornio puts a melon onto the catapult. She pulls the cord, making a "Wh-ssssh!" sound as she does, but the magic charm does not work, and the melon misses its mark. In fact, it appears that, again, it sort of goes the wrong direction. "We're doing the other one!," she enthusiastically declares, thinking that missing is one thing, but risking being conked with a melon (which El Hornio would love, because it would be a tragic and epic way to go) is something else. They have a hell of a time dragging the cannonballs at first. "COME ON!" she orders El Hornio. "PUSH IT!" I have a feeling El Hornio is having a Remembrance of Bossiness Past, and not just about cannons.

There is bad news in wrestler-ville, as Lori and Bolo's car conks out beside the road. Uh-oh.

Hornio reaches the top of the hill with their cannonballs, and she takes the opportunity for an obvious and not-as-funny-as-she-thinks "These are some dirty balls" line. They stack them and get their clue for Budapest. As they leave, they note that they "need to hurry up." Well, sure. Now that she's done with the dirty balls.

Lori and Bolo peer under the hood. "What is it?" Lori asks. Bolo explains that, unfortunately, the motor has "seized up," and there's nothing they can do. "It's done," he says. "This motor's done." I hope they checked the windshield washer fluid, because sometimes, it's that.

Commercials. I wouldn't see The Phantom Of The Opera for anything, ever. Not even if Hugh Jackman offered to take me. Okay, then I would go, but I would wear earplugs.

When we return, Bolo and Lori are sitting by the side of the road, lamenting the wait for a new car. They know that their situation is probably fairly bad, because it should be late in the leg at this point and they don't seem assured of much time to catch up.

Aaron and Hayden are at the train station, not that she believes him the first six billion times he tires to tell her that they're, you know, at the train station. Aaron is beginning to reach the end of his rope with her constant stressing out, and he snaps at her, "You're psychotic. You have to just relax." That's two uses of "psycho"/"psychotic" in the same episode. That can't be good. That's once more than I like it to be used on me. Hayden and Aaron head inside and pay for tickets, and are quickly followed by Kris and Jon, who apparently walked there. Their train to Budapest will leave at 6:30.

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