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The Best Pest Is A Budapest

Aaron insists that the road he's on will take them to Eger. Kris and Jon are looking for the castle. And Rebecca is petting the steering wheel of the Hornio car, speaking to it in soothing tones about how it won't be much farther now. Lori struggles with the gears in the Lori/Bolo car, and that car appears to be hurting.

On the lead train, Kendra is all kinds of happy about how they'll get a taxi and head to the internet café, and they both agree that it would rule if they could go straight from there to the pit stop. Meaning it almost definitely won't happen, because cheeriness is next to Philimination around here.

Sweaty, shirtless Jonathan and bored, irritated Victoria arrive at the train station, where they run into Gus and Hera. Jonathan is still on the "how the fuck did you get on that plane" tirade, apparently assuming that Gus paid off the ticket agent or pretended to have a medical emergency or something. On the train, Gus tells us that he was sort of hoping they'd have the train to themselves. Why? "Because Jon can be a pain in the butt." Yeah, no fooling. And he's not even done yet. Jonathan comes -- still shirtless on the public transportation, which is not so cool for everyone else -- and tells Gus how he and Victoria had "a flawless run," and had they made that plane, they'd be in first place. Yeah, but you didn't. Which is kind of a problem for the "flawless" part.

Hayden laments having had "the day from hell" as she gets out of the car at the castle. Meanwhile, Kris and Jon are heading for the castle, too. Hayden and Aaron open the Detour clue. They pick the cannonballs, and they head up the hill with the cannon. When they get to the top, she woners if they've parked it facing the wrong direction, but he points out that the barrel is facing out. "It's got to shoot people," he comments with a shrug, and they leave. When they go for the cannonballs, they decide that they'll dump and leave some of what's in their backpacks -- presumably keeping stuff like passports and what not -- and carry the cannonballs that way. Aaron indeed uses this approach with his backpack, although Hayden just uses the carry-them-in-your-shirt approach. It looks like they finish in one shot, and they get out of the Detour in fourth place, even after a truly terrible day of navigating. So, not bad, all things considered. As they're leaving, they run into Kris and Jon. "How much do those cars suck?" Jon asks as they exchange greetings. Heh. Kris and Jon read the clue and conclude that the catapult is basically chance, so they'd rather do the cannon. You can, again, tell how tough these people are by how easy a time they apparently have pushing the cannon up the hill. I think Kris, in particular, is a pretty physically powerful woman, compared to some of the other ones like Hayden or Kendra. She hoists and she moves. Speaking of Hayden, she and Aaron leave for the train station.

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