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The Best Pest Is A Budapest

Hayden and Aaron, at long last, are approaching Eger.

And Kris and Jon are trying to get up a hill, as someone hollers at them through a window in what is (probably fortunately) not English. "I know what that means," Kris says with a wry smile. "It's not good." Hee. I don't know if she really knows what it means, but I think you can safely assume that her interpretation that it probably isn't Hungarian for "Have a good day, neighbor!" is spot-on. And then we see that Jon just gets the car up the hill by opening the door and scooting it along with his foot, Fred-Flintstone-style, as Kris laughs and laughs. When he's done scooting, he stops and opens the hood. Things look dim in there, apparently, not that I would know. I open the hood and see (1) windshield washer fluid; (2) where the oil goes; (3) where you check the oil; and (4) other. Usually, the trouble is not located in areas (1) through (3), and that's why I always need so much help.

At the castle, Gus and Hera reach the top with more cannonballs, and it's enough for them to finish, so they leave the Detour in second place. Nice work, guys.

Meanwhile, Spazpants is gearing up to use a tarp they apparently have, thinking they can drag a load of cannonballs on it. They start up the hill. "Hopefully, it doesn't split," Victoria says. Yeah, hopefully.

Gus and Hera look for a taxi, but there doesn't seem to be one in the early going. They do make their way to the train station, where they learn that there is a 5:18 train to Budapest. It's about quarter to 5, so they have a little time.

Jon gives the Happy Car a push, and then we see him actually standing on top of it as it rolls and he tells Kris to put it into gear. "There's, like, nothing, dude," she says with a chuckle. "We need another car." They get out and wait, and a tow truck shows up with a new Trabant. And this one has a big question mark on the side of it, which is sort of funny. As they leave, Kris comments that the question marks are "perfect," because you never know if the car will even work. I think the Trabants might actually call for a mark of overt hostility, despite their jaunty and cartoon-like appearance and the fact that they look like characters from a book called Beep-Beep Charlie Learns To Tell Time.

At the train station, Gus openly hopes for Jonathan's Philimination. "He's starting to become a pain in the ass," Gus says. And..."starting"?

Elsewhere, Spazpants continues to work at the Detour, Victoria telling Jonathan that he can stack up the cannonballs. "I loaded them," she says insistently. Jonathan thinks that they have enough cannonballs to finish, but Victoria points out that...they don't, so much. They need five more. As they grump down the hill, she says, "I'll grab four, you grab one, let's just go." And indeed, that's just what they do. She carries four, and he carries one, and he has his tarp over his shoulder the entire time. Because that' Helpful? Sexy? I'm sorry to say I cannot imagine the thinking. They finish the stacking and get their clue. And as they walk off, he is wearing the tarp like a cape, and although she calls him a punk, he insists, "Superhero!" Ultimately, she peels off the tarp, looking a little like she's trying not to laugh, and he gripes, "You never let me have any fun." Now he knows how I feel about his effect on my show.

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