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The Best Pest Is A Budapest

Rebecca uses her skills at hopping up and down to flag down a passing car. And unsurprisingly, she does manage to get somebody to pull over. Nothing brings out the kindness of strangers like a swath of exposed belly. Rebecca reports that this gentleman who pulled over did a "voodoo spell" on their car (said voodoo spell appears to consist of turning the key), which got the car to start again. Rebecca decides that she'll drive, and then she and El Hornio get on their way. "Woohoo!" she calls out the car window. "You're king of the game today," El Hornio tells her. She totally is. She was so good at jumping up and down.

Jon, too, is grinding the gears in the Kris and Jon car, but it doesn't seem to stress them out too much. There are always more gears. There is only one today, and it must be savored for the treat it is. Such is the Happy Kris and Jon Philosophy, which they break only when Kris poisons a panda bear. (No?)

Kendra and Freddy board the first train to Budapest, and they're the only ones who do. "I didn't see anybody else on the traaaain!" Kendra calls out happily.

The Spazpants car arrives at the castle. "And look," Jonathan says. "There's two cars here. We're in third place." I have to say, if I did this thing, I could never concentrate if I were as obsessed with checking and rechecking where I was in relation to everyone else all the time.

But anyway, Gus and Hera are still rolling the cannon. Hera notes that they just ran the cannon over her toe, but she assures Gus that they can keep going. Heh.

Spazpants tears open their clue, and they pick the cannonballs.

Gus and Hera park their cannon and start dragging the balls.

Spazpants is starting up the hill with the cannon, but it looks like Jonathan isn't even doing anything -- Victoria is trying to drag it up the hill by the supports, and that's not going to work. "You've got to be the man right now, and do the front," she says. He responds, "Well, you be the woman and be quiet, then." I know that's supposed to be really appalling, but I'm so dreadfully bored with them.

Gus and Hera pass Spazpants as they're heading for the cannonballs, and Jonathan starts to bug Gus about how he beat them onto the Malev flight. "You took our seats!" he complains. Gus ignores him. "Little bastard," Gus mutters as he walks away. Heh. Hera loads cannonballs into the front of Gus's shirt, and they make their way up the hill. Note that those two are carrying quite an impressive load of weight as they walk. Gus may not be spry, but he's got some power. Meanwhile, Spazpants parks the cannon and, again, they and Gus and Hera pass on the hill. "Good job, guys," Victoria says. "I just want to know how you got that flight. That was my flight," Jonathan says. "Pain in the ass," Gus snaps as Jonathan walks away. If I were Jonathan, I wouldn't push my luck. Gus worked for the CIA. He could make a guy disappear, and in this particular case, it's not like anybody would look all that hard.

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