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The Best Pest Is A Budapest

Elsewhere -- hee hee -- Spazpants gets pulled over by a cop who, surprisingly, is not in a car labeled "Divine Intervention." As it turns out, the officer is unhappy because they're driving with their lights off, and apparently, you're supposed to have them on. Jonathan decides to ask the officers for a favor, and tells them he needs to go to "Eger-town -- Eger-ville." Because apparently, that's how you translate the names of towns. By adding non-applicable English suffixes. Thus the common sight of Americans running around Europe asking for directions to Parisburg. It appears that the cop agrees to accompany Spazpants and show them the way, and as he gets back in the car, Jonathan congratulates himself for having convinced the cops to help. They're probably just has happy to have him under surveillance, and maybe this way, he will engage in LESS SHOVING.

Elsewhere, things are taking a nasty turn for Hayden and Aaron, who seriously do not know where they're going. They pull over, and she makes him look at the map, because her navigational skills are just not good.

Elsewhere, Spazpants finishes being escorted to the greater Eger metropolitan area. "That was amazing!" he says. "Amazing, the things that I can do." One certainly hopes none of the amazing things he can do is related to the apparent mark on Victoria's upper arm. I'm assuming it's from one of their many tasks or the backpack-carrying or what-have-you, but you know, another good reason not to be seen shoving your wife is, you know, so people don't wonder.

Aaron and Hayden, meanwhile, continue to struggle with navigation issues. Finally, they spot the "Eger" exit sign, and Aaron assures Hayden, "We're good, we're good." I'm assuming that's being used in a relative sense.

Kris and Jon are exiting as well.

In the Hornio car, El Hornio is grinding the gears, which are moaning in pain. And Rebecca looks unhappy, but...nothing new there, really. Maybe she should clip her toenails like a big show-off.

Lori and Bolo stop in a convenience store, find an English-speaking friend, and get some more directions toward Eger.

At the castle, Nuance finishes pushing the cannon up the hill. They park it in a space along a wall and scope out the frame on the ground where they'll have to stack their 55 cannon balls in a pyramid. They head for the ball supply, where she helps load cannonballs into the front of Freddy's shirt. She also carries a load herself, remarking as they walk that the cannonballs are "heavy." Which I suspect is sort of the point. I could take this opportunity to expound on the fact that I totally don't understand cannons or why they made good weapons, but I won't bore you. Suffice it to say I've never understood why hurling a big metal ball would be good enough for military use or why whatever you shot it at wouldn't just get out of the way and let it thud harmlessly on the ground, but apparently, history has proved me wrong time and time again as it is. (Don't email me! My inbox is still recovering from the onslaught of mail I recently received about the mudskipper. Don't ask.) Anyway, it doesn't matter. I mean, I don't understand lots of things. The world is a confusing place. Freddy and Kendra get back up the hill and lay out their cannonballs in the frame, but they're distressed to see that they don't have nearly enough.

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