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The Best Pest Is A Budapest

At 12:20, the Lori and Bolo Straggler Flight lands. In last place, they head for their Trabant in the parking lot, and they find that Hornio is still there. El Hornio finally gets moving, so Lori and Bolo are indeed bringing up the rear as they exit the airport parking lot, with Lori handling the driving.

Kendra praises Freddy's driving. Gus talks about "babying" the car. Aaron has wound up in the driver's seat for his team, and Hayden urges him to remember that she's "retarded with directions." The Spazpants car is tense again, as Victoria says, "Turn the air on." "There is no air," Jonathan snorts with contempt. "I'm just teasing, God, have a sense of humor," she says. Did her husband just say there was no air? Like, you know, that she was suffocating? And did she ignore it? Speaking of God, I'm sure He doesn't appreciate it when you blow off signs, dear.

And what are Kris and Jon doing? Oh, they're enjoying the "cool little town," appreciating the scenery and such. And then the lead teams begin to find their way to the exit they need, but Hayden and Aaron manage to blow right by it. While they realize the mistake fairly quickly, they also realize that it's not going to be all that easy to get turned around.

Freddy and Kendra are in Eger, where they find the flag at the castle and learn that it's time for the Detour. Pros and cons, people. The choices here are both "associated with medieval castles," and I'm sort of sad that neither of them is hurling a cow off a turret. The choices, instead, are "Catapult Crash" and "Cannonball Run." You either have to work a big catapult to get a watermelon to land on a target (easy but random), or you have to drag a cannon up a hill and then drag 55 four-pound cannonballs over as well (difficult but predictable). Nuance quickly settles on the cannonball task, because they have power but no precision. They move the cannon by putting Freddy at the top, pulling with the supports over his shoulders, while Kendra pushes from the back. But apparently, she isn't doing very much. "Are you pushing at all?" he wonders loudly. "I'm pushing!" she protests. "Do not speak to me that way!" Oh, princess. I do believe you are getting grumpy. Look at your boyfriend. Gaze upon your good fortune. Allow it to cheer you.

Gus and Hera are second to arrive at the Detour. Predictably, they don't think the cannon sounds like a lot of fun, so they decide to try the catapult. Their first melon misses, but not by much, interestingly enough. If it's recorded accurately, that's by far the closest call you'll see all day with the melons.

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