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Gus says that he's "an engineer" and "an aviator," and thus he wasn't put off by driving the Trabant -- which I bet is actually true, for once, unlike most of what people say about the great advantages that their lifetimes of experience provide in a Race situation. Freddy, on the other hand, says he'd never driven a car with a gearshift on the steering column before, so it was a little odd. Nuance does get going, although they're emitting quite an impressive trail of smoke, which you have to hope is supposed to be there, because if it isn't, they're leaking oil or they have a rat in the exhaust pipe. The only ones left in the parking lot are Hayden and Aaron, leaving Nuance in the difficult position of trying to figure out whether to stay and help their "alliance-mates" or to take off. They initially choose to offer a little assistance, but when the teams agree that Hayden and Aaron's car seems to have a bad battery, Nuance takes off without them, offering their apologies to an understanding Hayden and Aaron. Kendra explains that she "felt a little bad" leaving her alliance-mates behind, but that there's only so long you can wait. Which is true. Back in the parking lot, Aaron, rather foolishly, decides to punch a pole with his bare knuckles. He examines his hand as he remarks that they'll need somebody to look at the car. Well, and the injury, now.

Gus and Hera, meanwhile, are stopping to ask directions. Freddy seems to have gotten himself comfortable with the car, so that's good. He and Kendra even manage to wind up ahead of Gus and Hera, so that was a short-lived lead. "With this car, there ain't going to be any speeding," Gus says. Heh.

Hayden and Aaron's car guy remarks that, indeed, their car is not working, and the problem appears to be the battery. Because it wouldn't be fun to carry a portable gerbil-driven alternative power source, they get the go-ahead to get a new one, and then they finally make their way out of the lot. That was not speedy.

And here comes the Air Berlin flight, landing at 12:10. Kris refers to the Trabants as "Herbies," which is inaccurate but somehow perfect anyway, and she and Jon hunt for a car that looks good. It takes Spazpants an extra second to get outside, so of course, he laments that they're "in last place." By seconds. And those seconds are CRITICAL! CRITICAL, I tell you! As they get situated, he manages to close the trunk on Victoria's hand -- that's twice -- and they leave in fourth place. Boooo. Jonathan has this to say: "I'm really good with cars. I know where the clutch is." Well, my goodness, that is impressive. Kris and Jon leave in fifth place, as she praises him for doing such a bang-up job. Hornio gets going, but El Hornio seems hesitant to take on street driving before he figures out how to keep the car in motion. There's a relationship metaphor there, but I'm too depressed to look.

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