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Cord quickly finds the "Art stone" store, which is the venue for the Pork Chops Detour. They get started on opposite sides of the shop, reiterating what it is they're looking for. Since most of the unwanted ones seem to be flat and blank on the bottom, this might prove easier than it looks. But I can't see this shop getting a lot of repeat business if 99% of the stamps they sell wouldn't leave any mark other than a featureless square.

Caite is the next to find the clue, and she and Brent join the Cowboys in the shop. "Pigs are elusive," Jet warns. Caite starts searching right away, but Brent says he is unable to concentrate due to the urgent demands of his bladder. Caite tells him to go, but Brent points out that she can't search while he's gone. "Well, then just hold it," Caite says. He says he can't, but she refuses to go. With him, that is. I'm sure it's been a few years since Brent had to ask a woman to take him potty, so this can't sit well.

The laggard alliance gets off the bus outside Longhua Temple, and there's Louie and Michael's Speed Bump waiting for them. "That's awful, that picture," Louie complains. I'd point out that these two aren't exactly glamour pusses even under ideal conditions, but they do look pretty washed out there in that photo. Possibly because it's been sitting out in the sun for the whole day. Phil appears in a plaza at the temple, explaining about how the Detectives have to complete a Speed Bump as a result of being the last-place team in the previous leg's non-elimination leg. But this Speed Bump is hardly worthy of the name, even in a season when a Speed Bump has yet to play a part in the Philimination of anyone. In the center of the plaza is a large metal incense burner about ten or twelve feet high, with a couple of small trays of coins nearby on a small red mat. Apparently, the locals traditionally toss coins into the topmost window of the incense burner for luck. And that's all Louie and Michael have to do before rejoining the race. That's going to be even easier for them than chasing a crackhead.

Meanwhile, Jordan thinks Dan should do the Road Block. "Take your time. It's a patience thing." Dan gets to it, and will hopefully display more patience than he did in the cab earlier.

Louie and Michael start tossing the coins at the burner from maybe ten feet away. After just a few minutes (even less, in TV time), they're done. Louie gets to do this Road Block, on the logic that he is the "Buddha man." Although the clue asks racers to "sum up" the Buddha, not act as his body double. Michael confidently says Louie is a "mathematical genius." "So you're calling my brother stupid?" Jordan teases. Not in a race with Caite and Brent in it, we're not. Louie interviews how he kept track of where he was by the different facial expressions on the different Buddhas. As a police detective, he could probably even tell which ones were lying.

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