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Dan and Jordan, with Louie and Michael behind them, are asking a hotel desk clerk for non-taxi directions to Longhua Temple. They are steered to a nearby bus stop, and all four of them ride together, though not particularly willingly. "We just gotta catch up on the Speed Bump and feel positive," Michael interviews while waiting for the bus stop. I know Speed Bumps haven't exactly been cataclysmic lately, but hoping to actually gain time on one may be a little optimistic.

The lead teams are approaching Fangbang Road, which is not dirty or funny at all. The models quickly dismount and start looking for where they're supposed to be. Brent spots something garden-like, and Caite points out that they're looking for something across from the gardens. "I know, I'm just trying to get barriers! God!" he snaps. Leaving aside the fact that I think he meant "bearings," it's kind of alarming how quickly his contact high from the incense wore off. As the Cowboys dismount, the models find themselves in a confusing open-air mall area, and the crowds are too much for Caite. Too bad they never went to India this season. During an interview, she even does an obnoxious imitation of the street vendors and stuff, using a fake voice and accent. Charming. Jet and Cord are actually the first to find the next clue box. It's a Detour, and the choices are "Pork Chops" or "Pork Dumplings."

Here's Phil, in the market, narrating, "Despite the constant commotion of this modern city, the people of Shanghai still enjoy the time-honored traditions of their storied past. Now teams must choose between two things synonymous with China." Rice? Fireworks? Overpopulation? No, these little stone stamps that I've never head of. The "Pork Chops" options refers not to the meat, but to engraved stamps, which are called "chops." Somewhere in the market is a tiny store whose walls are lined with display cases containing what looks like thousands of these chops, which range in size from a Pez dispenser to four tallish Pez dispensers taped together. And they'll have to find one with a picture of a pig (hence the "pork") and their own names engraved on the bottom. They'll get their next clue after finding a chop for each team member. "Pork Dumplings" is one of those options where you go to a restaurant, pick up some food, and then deliver it elsewhere while dealing with crowds and confusion, but since no one's going to do that, I don't feel obligated to go into much more detail. I will say that the food in this case is ten orders of pork dumplings, but that's it. Moving on.

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