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Jet and Cord arrive at the temple, and wander among the buildings looking for a clue box. "There's some bags," says eagle-eyed Jet, pointing to a couple of backpacks leaning against a wall. "There's Brent and Caite's bags." They are, however, totally oblivious to the fact that the guy on the bench they just walked right past is Brent himself, looking curiously up at them. In fact, Jet is as close to Brent as he is to Cord for a moment, and he's pretty close to Cord. After they pass, Brent gives us a smiling head-shake. They continue to wander as Brent ducks down behind a railing, hoping to stay unnoticed and thus buy Caite a little more time. It's a sign of how long the race has been going on that of the four racers currently on the premises, Brent is the one showing the most mental acuity.

Caite starts counting again. Jet and Cord find the clue box at last, and Jet is taking this one. As he starts counting, we hear him interviewing about how he didn't want to rush and panic and have to do it over. Unlike Caite, who also didn't rush and panic and yet is on her fourth try.

The Detectives get dropped off at the Garden Bridge, and somehow the brothers have caught up to them in their cab, probably as a result of Dan's shit-fit. When they all head across the bridge, Dan and Jordan overshoot it, but find it soon after Louie and Michael do. Now they all have to figure out how to get to Longhua Temple, hopefully ditching each other in the process.

Over at the temple, Brent and Cord are trying to be patient outside the hall while their partners count. Cord's doing a better job, but then he hasn't been at it as long. Brent correctly interviews that the Cowboys tend to finish tasks quickly, so you have to take advantage of any lead you get on them. Jet narrates that in addition to the hundreds of Buddhas, there were two standing statues in the hall that he realized he had to count, although they would have been easy to overlook. Sure enough, he leaves the hall next, and shows his pad to the monk: 523. Got it in one, and they get their next clue in first place. But not by much, because he's still standing there when Caite tries her own 523. Now the models are literally right behind them. "It says, 'hop a ride,'" Cord reads from the clue.

Now each team gets to choose one motorcycle, each of which is equipped with a driver and a sidecar, and that's how they'll get to Yuyuan Gardens, where the next clue is. The racers don helmets and these crazy goggles with big round lenses set far apart from each other that make the wearer look like a big bug, and hop on. All four of them have a great time, obviously. Getting to zip through Shanghai on motorcycles is worth being on national television looking like Brundlefly.

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